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Buick Lesabre 1995 PCV valve location: Face the engine. Lift straight up - to remove the fancy plastic clip-on dust cover for the top of the engine. It has 4 plastic (2 on front and 2 on the back) C snaps that attach by pressing down from the top. As you remove this dust cover you will notice a flattened tab on the left side of the cover between the Power Steering and altenator. Keep your eye on this tab as you move the dust cover to the left and lift it off. The tab is part of the cover for the PCV valve. The tab does not move. The pcv valve cover has a spring inside so you will need to push down on the center of the cap while you turn the cap counter clock-wise. The PCV cap appears to have fan-style vents in the center of it and two extentions that look similar to small wings. Hold onto the wings as you push down and turn counter-clockwise. The cap will spring up as you release your pressure and the PCV may be attached to the spring. If it is attached, remove the PCV and the O Ring from the PCV. If it does not come out with the spring get out a pair of needle nose and remove it and the O Ring. Place the O Ring onto the new PCV and put the head of the PCV into the spring. Put the assembly back into the PCV holder. put the CAP back on and place the wings closer to the top and bottom of the tabs that are used to hold the cap in place. Push down and turn clock-wise. replace the plastic clip-on dust cover in reverse order.

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Q: Where is the PCV Valve on a 1995 Buick LeSabre 3.8L engine?
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