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Where is the PCV valve located on a Ford F-150 4.2L?


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2015-05-23 10:58:18
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The PCV valve connection on a Ford F-150 4.2l is located on top of the passenger side valve cover, towards the firewall. It is somewhat difficult to see and reach. It helps to remove the fusebox cover mounted on the firewall.

On my 2002 F-150 4.2L it is in the side of the intake manifold right behind the throttle body. This seems to be a big switch up by Ford because a lot of people get stuck on this one. If you go to your parts store they will tell you the 02 F-150 doesn't have one. You have to go to the dealer.


Every car and truck has one. One place or another. No exceptions. Blow-by from normal running creates pressure in crankcase, and VERY old vehicles had a simple vent. Sometime in the early 50's the designers created Positive Crankcase Ventelation, where the intake vacuum sucks out the fumes greatly extending oil-life, The PCV Valve is a very simple device, a check-valve that prevents pressure from being blown IN TO cranksase from either a backfire through intake, or a bit more sophisticated system for positive-pressure induction engines, i.e. supercharged where there is no vacuum under acceleration. Both of the above answers are correct, it's just two answers incomplete. One end is in the valve cover to suck air from crankcase, (where valve is) the other end by throttle body for vacuum source.


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