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Where is the PCV valve on a 1994 F150 with a 4.9 6cyl?


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2005-11-21 04:11:17
2005-11-21 04:11:17

The PCV valve on the 4.9L I6 engine is nearly impossible to see. It is located at the top of the valve cover near the rear of the engine forward a few inches from the center of the firewall. It is easier to see and reach it if you use a step stool.


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where is the pcv valve on a 1992 f150 with 5.0 liter

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The PCV valve on a 1993 F150 is located in the top of the valve cover. it is a plug in type, and is easily replaceable.

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I have a 2004 Ford truck F150 V8 5.4 L .. do I need to replace the PCV valve that is causing bad back up condensation

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PCV Valve is located on the Right Valve Cover.

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Not sure if 1995 is like 1994, but on my 1994 MPV 6cyl (3.0L), the PCV is in the middle of a hose on the BACK of the engine, UNDER the throttle body assembly. Took me a LONG time to find it!

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