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The PCV valve is on the right side of the engine compartment, if you're facing the front of the vehicle, just under the air intake hose. Its not directly on the engine but rather inline with the oil separator tube/hose.

A) To access this area and change the PCV valve just follow these directions. They aren't as complicated as they seem... # using a 5/16" socket, loosen and remove the positive side cable of the battery.

# using a 5/16" socket or nut driver, loosen the worm drive clamp that holds the breather hose onto the manifold.

# next unsnap the clamps that hold the breather hose to the air filter housing.

# noting their positions disconnect the 3 airlines that connect to the breather hose.

# disconnect the 2 electrical connections from the air intake hose. The front one is the mass air flow (MAF) sensor and the back one is the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor, remove the air intake hose and set aside.

# now using a 5/16" socket remove the 2 screws holding the throttle cable cover.

# remove the 2 screws holding the throttle cable bracket. You now have the best access to the PCV valve. B) Now to replace the PCV valve pull the u shaped hose off the elbow. I recommend purchasing this molded new hose for about dollars from your Ford dealer. They tend to clog or collapse after several years. Next simply pull the PCV valve out of the oil separator hose and insert the new one. The whole process can be done in 15 to 30 minutes and save you a lot. C) Now just reinstall everything in reverse. The PCV valve is located on the drivers side, underneath the silver intake manifold. Follow the black Accordion tube from the air cleaner to the throttle body valve. Place your hand on the bottom of the throttle body and you will find the PCV attached to two short rubber hoses. Hand access is limited, so you have to feel for the PCV and blindly remove the hoses from the PCV. Be patient, and allow time to finesse the new PCV onto both hoses. While you're at it, be sure to check the condition of the connecting hoses. I found one of mine to have totally collapsed on my 1998 DOHC v6. there is a pcv valve. it is located under the "snorkel" of the upper intake manifold. it is accessed by removing the vacuum line from the front valve cover at the rubber connector between the air filter housing and throttle body(swing out of the way, to the left is best). next remove the two screws that hold the throttle linkage cover in place and remove the cover. third remove the throttle return spring. you can now reach the pcv valve for removal and replacement. It's at the right rear corner (facing the engine), tightly underneath the throttle body. It is in-line in 1/2 inch or so diameter hoses - look for where the one of these hoses takes a 90 degree turn. 97 Merc sable, 12, valve, 3.0 liter, vulcan engine: located on top of intake manifold box, vertical position facing down. manafold box is on passsenger side, near firewall. horizontal hose extends to the right.

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2009-03-17 13:42:57
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Q: Where is the PCV valve on a 1996-1999 Sable 3.0 Duratec 24v DOHC?
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How can you tell if a Taurus - Sable has a 12 valve OHC or the 24 valve DOHC engine?

if the spark plug wires go down the middle of the valve cover, it is DOHC. The Intake Manifold will also say Duratec. The OHV motor will have the spark plug wires connecting on the bottom of the head near the exhaust manifolds.

How much does a water pump cost for a 1996-2000 Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

Autozone as of late 2009:12 valve Vulcan engine: $30-4524 valve Duratec/DOHC: $65See "Related Questions" below for more

How can you tell if 1996 sable is OHC or DOHC?

It will say it right on the top of the engine. Anything that is DOHC will have it on there. =========================================================== The 1996 Mercury Sable had 2 different engines from the factory : They were both 3.0 liter V6 engines The " VULCAN " which is an Over Head Valve / pushrod design engine and the " DURATEC " which is a Dual Over Head Cam design

What type of engine does a 1999 mercury sable use?

Either the 3.0 liter Vulcan V6 or the 3.0 liter Duratec V6 which is a DOHC

What size motor does your 1996 Mercury Sable have?

On a 1996 Mercury Sable : There were two engines from the factory : The 3.0 litre " Vulcan " V6 engine , which is an Over Head Valve / pushrod design engine or the 3.0 litre " Duratec " V6 engine , which is a Dual Over Head Cam ( DOHC ) design

Does a 2003 Mercury Sable have a timing belt?

No , in a 2003 Mercury Sable : The 3.0 liter " Vulcan " V6 engine is an overhead valve / pushrod design engine that uses ( 1 timing chain ) The 3.0 liter DOHC " Duratec " engine has ( 2 timing chains , 1 chain to each cylinder head )

How much coolant for 1998 Mercury Sable?

1.5 gal on a 24 valve dohc v6 ========================================================= You would need to buy that much antifreeze for the " Duratec " and the " Vulcan " V6 engines but mix it with an equal part of preferably distilled water like it was when it came from the factory

Does your 1996 Mercury Sable gs have a dual overhead cam?

You can look at the 8th character in the vehicle identification number (VIN) to determine the engine: a U = 12 valve Vulcan, S = Duratec/DOHC 24 valve engine. The DOHC equipped models have a DOHC "badge" on each front fender The DOHC engine takes up every single square millimeter of room in the engine compartment. If you can see down the backside of the engine in front of the firewall, that's likely to be the Vulcan engine. There might even be markings on the valve cover or somewhere on top of the engine.

Where is the intake manifold runner control valve on a 1998 2.5 Ford Contour SE?

It is located on the front valve cover under the cover that says "duratec 24v dohc"

How do you tell if your 1996 Ford Taurus is a dohc or single cam?

The 3.0 liter " Duratec " engine is a DOHC design The 3.0 liter " Vulcan " engine is an over head valve ( OHV ) design

Where is the Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus VIN engine code - which one is which?

Two choices "S" or "U". this appears about midway in the vehicle vin.It's the 8th character in the VIN.Also, here's how I remember which one is which:"U" for Vulcan, 12 valve engine"S" for speed => Duratec/DOHC engine

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1996 3.0l dohc mercury sable ls?

The 3.0 liter " Duratec " V6 engine used in the 1996 Mercury Sable has ( 1 timing CHAIN to each cylinder head , so there are 2 timing CHAINS )

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