Where is the PVC valve located on a 1999 Nissan Frontier?

I know on the 4cyl 4x4 it's a pain to get to. It's best to tackle this when your changing your oil. Remove the fender liner and oil filter. It should be back in behind the alternator and below the power steering pump. I had to release the hose clamp and pull the pcv valve out with needle nose pliers. I wish you luck. Additionally, in many forums people have recommended the removal of the power steering pump which has no added benefit. The PCV Valve is best accessed from underneath the vehicle, with both the plastic skid plate and the inner fender skirt remove. Don't confuse the hose running to the PCV valve with a near by heater hose that has coolant running through it. The heater hose will terminate just below the radiator hose, the PCV valve terminates into a type of plastic box measuring apprx. 2x2x1 inches.