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I know mine is under the hood and I have a 97 geo metro so you may want to start there.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-01 00:30:04
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Q: Where is the Positive Temp Coefficient Fuse for 96 geo metro?
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What is the 30 amp ptc fuse the fuse is burning out and you can't find what the ptc is?

"PTC" is the standard abbreviation for Positive Temp. Coefficient Fuse. They are often resetable.

Is semiconductor is positive temperature coefficient?

No. Semiconductor has negative temp coefficient, because increase in temp causes the increase in the k.e of the electrons bu t not in the no of electrons . these highly energised electronsel increase current, & in terms conductivity.

When does the resistance of a thermistor increase?

Thermistors are positive or negative temp coefficient. As temperature changes, so does R, either up or down depending on type.

Why Materials have a negative temperature coefficient?

Metals have negative temp coefficient because as increase in temp the conducting nature retards means increases in resistance

Where is the fuse to the electronic compass-temp on a 2001 super crew?

Where is the fuse to the electronic compass-temp on a 2001 super crew?

Is there a fuse for the water temp gauge?

One fuse usually covers all the gauges. You probably have a faulty temp sending unit.

What is the Reasons for positive temperature coefficient of resistance?

wen temp increase than thermal vibrations of lattice ion also increase and collision between electron and lattice ion increase ,due to which resistance rise

What is AT and AF in MCCB?

ampere temp and ampere fuse

What is the effect of temperature on hall coefficient of a lightly doped semiconductor?

hall coefficient of a lightly doped semiconductor will decrease with increase in temp as hall coefficient is inversely proportional to number density of charge carriers.

What does a positive temperature indicate?

It indicates that the temp gets warmer

Is a NTC thermistor different from PTC thermistor?

Yes, NTC stands for Negative temperature coefficient. This means the resistance goes down as temperature goes up. A PTC has a positive temperature change. As temp goes up, the resistance will increase also.

The fuel and temp gauges do not work Where do you start?

fuse block by park brake. check for bab fuse first.

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