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Where is the Soul and Mind located?

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Your mind is located in your brain. But even the amoeba has got the mind, though it does not have the brain. You put the beam of strong light on the amoeba, it will move away from the same. Amoeba also have the basic instincts like you to preserve itself and to reproduce like you do. Same is true for the plants also.

The answer is not very clear for the soul. You do not know that what is the soul is. It is there most probably. More aware people since ancient time have been talking about the same. It is there in all the living organisms. It is said to be drop of the ocean. Others say that it is the ocean in the form of drop. It is said to be different from your ego. Holy books say that all the souls are same. Once you realize the same, you realize that it is piece of God only. Where does it is located is not known.

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Where in the human anatomy is the mind and soul located?

That depends on you cultural background. As you know, the soul or mind isn't anything touchable. For westerners these are located in the head. For Tibetans, for instance, these are one and located in the heart.

Where is the soul in a man?

his mind is his soul. when your mind is gone so is your soul. when you hear of a person being brain dead, his soul is already gone. our mind tells us our feelings. when your troubled in you mind, your troubled in your soul.

What is difference between mind and soul?

mind temporary and soul permanent

What is the Arabic translation of mind body and soul?

what is mind, body soul mean in arabic language

What are the three parts of a soul?

soul spirit and mind

Where in human body the soul is located?

Soul is located in the center of the chest.Answer:Your Soul is your Spirit.

Are people who are vegetables able to think?

No they are not when somone is a vegetable their soul and mind are gone so their soul and mind are dead but their body breaths

What does kesharra mean?

A girl with mind and soul

What is a psyche?

Mind, soul. What makes you "you". Your consciousness.

What is itymological meaning of psychology?

Your mind and soul

How do seekers worship?

with their heart mind and soul

What is the soul governed by according to Descartes?

According to Descartes the soul is governed by the mind. He believed that thought processes form what we believe is a soul.

Where is Buddhism mainly located in?

Its mainly located in a soul.

What is the importance of aquarium?

aquarium rales our mind and soul

Why did god plant marijua?

to free your mind and soul

What does the root word psych mean?

mind or soul

What is the soul and mind that starts with p?

This could be the psyche.

What is the exercise yoga?

It is to relax your body, mind, and soul.

Where is the soul in our body located?

There two different opinions on this. A) the soul has no physical physical dimensions so it isn't located in any place. B) we don't have a soul, so again, it isn't located in any place.

How do you get into your subconcious mind?

You need to pause, reflect and do some soul searching to get into your sub-conscious mind.

What is the differense between soul and sole?

Your soul is made up of your mind, your will and your emotions. A sole is the bottom of your shoe.

What does seduce my mind you can have my body seduce my soul and I'm yours forever mean?

seduce my mind means be decent on the showing but seduce my soul means you are pure! You are mine ... Answer and I am yours!

What are the two special commandmants that Jesus gave us?

First... love God will all your heart soul and mind Second... love others will all your heart soul and mind

Where can I stream Body and Soul?

Stream online videos for your mind, body and soul, anytime, anywhere ://

Greek name describes mind body and soul?