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Where is the Soul and Mind located?


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October 12, 2014 7:26PM

Your mind is located in your brain. But even the amoeba has got the mind, though it does not have the brain. You put the beam of strong light on the amoeba, it will move away from the same. Amoeba also have the basic instincts like you to preserve itself and to reproduce like you do. Same is true for the plants also.

The answer is not very clear for the soul. You do not know that what is the soul is. It is there most probably. More aware people since ancient time have been talking about the same. It is there in all the living organisms. It is said to be drop of the ocean. Others say that it is the ocean in the form of drop. It is said to be different from your ego. Holy books say that all the souls are same. Once you realize the same, you realize that it is piece of God only. Where does it is located is not known.