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Where is the Starter motor for Honda integra 1994 model?


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2009-07-07 19:31:01
2009-07-07 19:31:01

On the rear passenger side of the engine about one half way down.

Almost under the battery tray


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no, a F22 motor is a accord motor or a Honda s2000 motor

The motor that comes in an integra ls is made by Honda it is a B18B1 this motor is a 1.8L in line 4 cylinder hope this helps

The starter on the Honda Accord is located in the front of the vehicle. The Honda's motor sits sideways inside the engine compartment. The starter is between the front of the car and the motor.

theres lots of type of engine u can fit into a 90 integra, sum will direct fit such as all the B series motor that comes with the integra, other u have modifity to fit such as the H22 motor from the Honda prelude or a K20 motor from a RSX

The starter motor is on the front side of the engine underneath/behind the intake manifold.

There is some stuff on ; that should help you to identify it and locate it.


Oh yes that would easily fit right in, mostly any Honda motor will fit in .

Check the wiring for the starter, and the starter solenoid for problems. One of these could stop power from getting to the starter.

Yes, any Honda Civic motor from those years will work with little to no modification, same with any Acura Integra motors. That's what makes hondas so great.

The starter is located on the lower left mid section of the engine compartment right by the headers and motor.

Look in front of the motor,under muffler pipes,there you will find the starter motor.Take two mounting screws out and remove wire.

what year and model Honda civic? what series motor? D, B,

i assume u mean will acura integra parts fit on a honda civic...generally yes, sometimes with modifications and or other part changes, my son has replaced his base civic engine with a gsr engine, it lead into many other changes such as axles, motor mounts, ecu, etc.

No you must have a starter from the same model and motor size. I think starters are very motor specific. Hope this helps.

A "Bendix drive" is the term used to describe the part of the starter motor which engages an disengages from the flywheel when cranking the engine, therefore it is part of the starter motor assembly and would be located behind the starter motor, between it and the flywheel housing.

passenger side rear of engine above transmission

passenger side open the hood look right below the air cleaner intake tube i beleve its down there.

The solenoid on this model is part of the starter motor, mounted directly on top of it.

The Honda Motor Company is a Japanese company, and the CR-V model is built and assembled entirely in Japan.

i dont mean to be rude mate but if your asking if a car has a starter motor take it to a mechenic

* Detach the negative battery cable * Clearly label then disconect the wires from the terminals on the starter motor and solenoid * Remove the mounting bolts and detach the starter

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