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It is located in the battery tray, right between the battery and the front of the car. You have to take off the battery cover to see it. Is is right next to the tube that comes from the front of the car to keep the battery cool. It looks like a small round button in a nut. It just unscrews, cost about $27 to replace.

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Q: Where is the Temperature Unit Sensor at and how do you change it?
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How do you change Coolant Temperature Sensor on 1996 buick century?

unscrew old unit screw in new unit.

How do you change air temperature sensor on 2003 Astra?

how to change air temperature sensor on astra 2003 how to change air temperature sensor on astra 2003

Where is temperature sensor unit on Renault Megan 1.5dci?

where is the temperature sensor located on a renaultmegane1.5 dci

Where is the temperature sending unit on a E150 1991 351CI engine?

Which temperature sensor? There is an air-fuel charge sensor, and a coolant temp sensor.

What is a temperature sending unit?

There is a temperature sending unit installed somewhere on your engine for your temperature guage in your gauge panel , another temperature sending unit for your EEC - IV or EEC V electronic engine control system , newer Ford engines that have FAIL - SAFE cooling have a cylinder head temperature ( CHT ) sensor / sending unit if you have an outside temperature display there is a sensor / sending unit for that , some automatic transmissions have a temperature sending unit / sensor that will give a warning if the automatic transmission is running too hot etc

Where is the temperature sending unit sensor on a Pontiac 2006 g6?

Where is the temperature sending unit located on a 2006 Pontiac g6

Why is the engine temperature light on when the engine is cold?

Likely a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Change the sensor.

What one degree change in temperature on the Celsius temperature scale is equal to a one unit temperature change on the what temperature scale?

On the Kelvin scale.

Where is the of the temperature gauge sending unit on 93 Mazda mx3?

There is a coolant temperature sensor and a temperature gauge sensor. the coolant sensor is located on driver side of the cylinder head. screws right into it, and the temperature gauge sensor is on the front side of the cylinder head right under the distributor. hope this helps

Location of a cylinder head temperature sensor on a ford expedition?

Temperature Gauge Sending Unit The sending unit is located in the front section of the manifold in the vicinity of the thermostat.

Where is the coolant level sensor located in a 1999 Ford Taurus?

The coolant temperature sensor is located near the thermostat housing. The sensor is gray and sits alongside of the temperature sending unit(for your gauge) which is usually brown.

How do you change inlet air temperature sensor 1994 sable?

Unplug the electrical connector then unscrew the sensor.

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