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Where is the Wonder Station in Pokemon?

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well wonder station is not in the game its were u get Pokemon tickets at Pokemon events heres someee info about it.

There are only three ways to get the Aurora Ticket or the Mystery Ticket. Besides the three ways I list below, there is NO OTHER WAY to get either of these tickets. 1) Go to a Pokemon Event (generally held in NY, NY USA @ Pokemon Center) and walk pass a Wonder Station with the wireless adapter connected. The station will send the info to your Fire/Leaf game and you will find a 'Wonder Gift' inside of your Mystery Gifts section (will only work if you turned on Mystery Gift beforehand). After opening the gift, go talk to a man wearing a hat at any PokeMart. He will give you the Aurora Ticket.

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Where is Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed, whatever that is.

How can you get more wonder cards in Pokemon black to get more Pokemon by pr esent?

you have to to obtain the Pokemon and delete the wonder card

Pokemon diamond What are wonder cards?

Im not sure if you ment 'wonder cards' or 'wonder guards', but a wonder guard is when Pokemon can only get hit with super efffective moves such as sheer cold.

What is wonder card and wonder news?

A wonder card is something you get when you get an item. Sadly there is no such thing as wonder news in Pokemon

Why are there only Wonder Cards and Wonder News but no Wonder Gifts in Pokemon FireRed?

The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

What is the code to have wonder guard in Pokemon diamond?

No Pokemon with wonder guard is an abilty that prevents non super effective moves to effect your Pokemon

What is a Pokemon wonder card?

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What is wonder cards in Pokemon?

Wonder cards are something you get after a Pokemon event. They tell you the event, day, month and year.

How do you get the wonder cards in Pokemon Pearl?

you need to go to a event which gives either a Pokemon or a item then you get a wonder card

Where is a Pokemon wonder spot in Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon Wonder Spot was a GBA Device used by Nintendo Events.It is not used on the DS, Dsi,DSiXL.

What is the wonder mail codes to recruit a level hundred Pokemon in Pokemon explorers of sky?

there is not a wonder mail code there are no Pokemon regular that are level 100

Pokemon wonder gift?

first things first its not the wonder gift its the mystery gift and you get it differently in all the Pokemon games

Where is the wonder spot on Pokemon diamond or pearl?

There is no such thing. Wonder Tiles are in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, though, if that's what you mean.

How do you teach any Pokemon wonder guard for action replay Pokemon diamond?

It is impossible to teach wonder guard to a Pokemon, even for action replay because wonder guard is a ability, which cannot be changed. Only shedninja has the ability. Whoever says that a Pokemon other than shedninja has wonder guard, they are lying.

What is the wonder news on Pokemon FireRed?

It tells you what is happening with pokemon.

How do you get a Wonder Card without owning Battle Revolution?

Wonder cards are slots of information that tell you when you get a "special" Pokemon. This is, basically, Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution, or Pokemon from Nintendo Events.

Wonder mail for a friend bow on Pokemon Red rescue?

in the wonder mail

How do you get Wondercards in Pokemon Platinum?

to get Wonder cards in Pokemon platinum, you have to receive an event item or Pokemon. you cannot have more than 3 wonder cards at 1 time.

How do you get a Wonder Card On Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get a wonder card when you get an event Pokemon. Sadly their are no events for leafgreen riht now because of all of the new Pokemon ds games.

Where is the gear station in pokemon white?

The gear station is right of the pokemon center in Nimbasa city.

What website has a Wonder Mail Generator for Pokemon mystery dungeon3?

write on google ,,pokemon mystery dungeon 3 wonder mail generator,,

Why do you wear bright jackets in the power station?

I think it is for safe, The power station is esceply. wonder is it the right reason

How do you put wonder mail codes on Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team for the vba?

It says Wonder Mail on the menu on the bottom, go to it and type in wonder mail codes you can get the Pokemon wonder mail codes on any cheat site

How do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon?

Getting the Wonder Gift in Pokemongo to Pokemon mart on the counter is a piece of paper press a near it and take the survey put link together with all.

How do you get to wonder town in Pokemon pearl?

you can't