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Where is the Wonder Station in Pokemon?

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2011-09-13 11:20:57

well wonder station is not in the game its were u get Pokemon

tickets at Pokemon events heres someee info about it.

There are only three ways to get the Aurora Ticket or the

Mystery Ticket. Besides the three ways I list below, there is NO

OTHER WAY to get either of these tickets. 1) Go to a Pokemon Event

(generally held in NY, NY USA @ Pokemon Center) and walk pass a

Wonder Station with the wireless adapter connected. The station

will send the info to your Fire/Leaf game and you will find a

'Wonder Gift' inside of your Mystery Gifts section (will only work

if you turned on Mystery Gift beforehand). After opening the gift,

go talk to a man wearing a hat at any PokeMart. He will give you

the Aurora Ticket.

Hope that helped

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