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Some GM vehicles have cabin air filters in the area in front of the firewall, just under the hood.


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Why are ets and engine light on in 98 Chevy cavalier

There is no cable, the speedo is run electronically.

its under the passanger side fender

right front fender behind the plastic

where is the readlight relay, on the 98 chevy cavalier sedan? thank you.

As long as it is the same displacement. Liters/cid. It should

The 98 Cavalier 2.4 is a NON interference engine.

Underneeth the rear,right next to the fuel tank.

same as with a 97. under the aluminum cover on top of the engine.

I set out to find this answer, but didn't find it on the net, my friend was able to find it and we replaced it with few problems. the fuel filter is located on the back passanger side of the car behind the axle about the middle of the car. glad I could help. CosmicIce

Facing the engine, it's on the top left. It can be seen without moving anything.

On my '96 Cavalier, the horn is located in the front driver side wheel well. I had to jack it up, remove the wheel, and then access panel inside the well to get to the horn.

The 2.2 liter Chevy ecotec?æwill fit into your 1998 Chevy Cavalier. The wiring harness and the motor mounts will need to be replaced.

I don't know if the 98 is the same as my 97 but I assume it is. The fuel filter is mounted to the rear cross member. Lay under the rear and you will see it. Its attaches with quick connects. If you break them removing them (you shouldn't), a new quick connect rebuild line is at autozone for 16 bucks

I had a 1991 Chevy Cavalier and I needed to replace the flasher bulb as well. It took awhile but I found it under the drivers side dash. It's a circular shaped aluminum fuse.

The horn is located behind the front bumper fascia

if its the same speed yes it should since the are both in the same generation. both the 98 and 01 have the same 3 and 4 speed trans.

Possibly. Depends on what kind it is. Most go from '98 to '02, then '03 to 05, but others fit all of those models.

Where the passenger side CV axle enters the transmission.

the horn does not have a relay on your car, does have a fuse inside the car, d.s dash

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