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Where is the adjustment needle on a 1988 Toyota Corolla carburetor?


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2005-02-06 03:44:03
2005-02-06 03:44:03

I found a complete diagnostic and repair section on your carburetor at Go to the "vehicle repair guides" section and you'll find it with a little bit of looking. I printed it out and it was 28 pages. I've been looking for the same info for several years. Good luck!


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Sounds like a bad float or needle and seat assembly. Time for a rebuild.

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what is the needle valve adjustment on a 125 DR

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Disassemble the carburetor and replace the needle and seat, following the manufacturers assembly and adjustment recommendations.

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You need a flexible flat head screwdriver. It looks like a regular screwdriver except the shaft is a tightly wound spring.

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if you are sure your car has a carbuerator and not fuel injection like all newer cars,the needle would be attached to the topside of the float in the bottom of the carb, its purpose is to slow or speed up fuel flow into the carb. hope i helped, but i think that year of car may be fuel injected, if you have any questions

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