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The code is there because there is a problem with the SRS. The code will just come back, unless you repair the system. It may or may not be functional at this time. Working on SRS components is not a DIY repair. Serious injury can occur when working on this system. Take it to a professional.


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It allows the OBD II scanner to connect to your Ford Explorer to " read " any trouble codes when the check engine light comes on for one thing

No.....its against the law to clear codes.

The codes are telling you there is a problem. If the problem is not fixed the codes will come back.

Pulling a fuse will not clear codes on this vehicle. A scan tool is required to clear codes.

What you are looking for is the DLC or Data Link Connector which will require an OBD-II reader to retrieve codes from. The location of the DLC is on the driver's side under the dash.

Bring top a shop that has a scanner to clear and check codes

On a 1995, there is no accessable OBD plug. There is a connector in the engine compartment that will give you the codes....... sort of !! The connector must be unplug and the proper pins jumped momentarily. Then the check engine light will start flashing to give you a number code sequence. However, without a repair manual (which has pictures), there is no way to tell you the exact location of the connector. It is near the starter motor along with two other connectors.


Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE... They can also clear them.

The gem codes are:explore2012explorerngkidsroxThe inventory codes aregeckopeskyphantoms (expired)

You'll need an OBD/II compatible scantool to clear the codes.

You will need a scan tool or a code reader to clear them.

gorilla, explore2012, and explorer

peskyphantoms, explorer, explore2012.

One of the awesome codes are feast, which gives you 1000 gems. Explorer is a coin bonus. Which is 100 gems. And last but not least, Explorer 2012.

behind the ash tray and there a blue connector under the glove to pull the codes manually

Take it to you local Auto Zone, they can tell what codes are present and clear them, and usually its free. Read your manual.

You get the software for the engine (e.g., DDEC for Detroit, Insite for Cummins, and I'm drawing a blank remembering what it is for Cat) and a diagnostic connector (such as NexIQ or Inline for Cummins), pull up the fault codes, and reset them. Now, if it's something which is going to be recurring, those codes will come back until you repair the fault (if they clear at all).

From Evan41223You can enter these codes.explore2012explorerSo those are the codes.

With an OBD2 scan tool connected to the OBD connector.

Look under the dash board near steering column

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