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Where is the air bag modulator in a '95 Saturn?

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The airbag modulator should be located inside the middle console of the car where the transmission shifter is located or directly behind it. The cover needs to be removed to get access to the modulator.

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How do you disarm air bag 95 Chevy cavalier?

Pull the fuse and wait 10 minutes for capacitor to drain. The air bag light will remain on as long as the fuse is pulled.

Where is ignition modulator for 95 Mitsubishi Galant located?

The "ignition modulator" is the power transistor (ignition module) and is an integral part of the distributor.

How do you reset airbag light Toyota Previa?

how do you clear air bag code in 95 toyota previa

Does a Astro have a air bag in steering wheel?

96 and 97 do for sure 95 does too my 99 does also

What does 95 windstar airbag code 75 mean?

pass. side air bag has short or repaired wrong

What kind of freon does your 95 Saturn take?

Your 95 Saturn takes R134a refrigerant (freon is a trademark exclusive to DuPont brand).

At what speed does a air bag deploy on a 95 ford tursus?

That depends on what you crash into , a solid wall or another vehicle with some " give "

What is the wieght of Saturn?

Mass of saturn = 5.68 * 1026 kg > about 95 times mass of earth

If you weighed 95 pounds how much would you way on Saturn?

You would weigh 87.02 pounds on Saturn.

How do you restart a fuel relay after an accident in a 96 Saturn?

95 Saturn was in accident and where is the fuel restart button

How many times is the mass of Jupiter larger than the mass of Saturn?

Jupiter is 318 times the mass of Earth. Saturn is 95 times the mass of Earth. So Jupiter is 318/95 = 3.347 times the mass of Saturn.

How do you swap out a bad air bag on a 95 Lincoln Town Car?

jack your car up high off the ground. trace the air line to the bag and disconnect by pushing the ring around it in and pull the hose out. reach on top of the air bag and there should be a cotter pin holding it. removing that pin will let you pull that bag right off. (easy) before you go jacking it up make sure you turn your switch to the air suspension switch off located in the truck.

How do you remove air bag on a 95 Chevy truck?

There are four holes on the back of the steering wheel. Incert a small screwdriver or other object to release the ball lock. Unlock each one holding it slightly so that it will not reengage. Watch for the air bag electric wire.

How much does a 95 pound person weigh on Saturn?

A 95 pound person would weigh 101 pounds on Saturn. Saturn's gravitational pull is very similar to the gravity on Earth.

How big is Saturn compared to the earth?

saturn is 95 times more massive than earth. by alissa demars

How much does a 1995 Saturn windshield cost?

I have a 95 saturn and it cost an average of 300 dollars to get the windshield replaced.

How big is Kepler 22b?

kepler 22b is the same size as saturn and saturn is 95 time bigger then earth

Can a 96 Saturn engine be put in to a 95 Saturn?

Yes, although there are some differences. The 96 is OBDII so you will have to keep the ignition and throttle body from the 95. The 95 also has two temp sensors where the 96 only has one so you will have to do a little splicing there.

How do you replace a 95 Camero's steering wheel with a custom steering wheel?

you don't because it's a federal offense to remove a steering wheel that has a stock air bag in it

Where is a 95 Saturn sl1 egr valve?

The Saturn EGR valve is attached to the head, directly above the transmission bell housing.

How big is Saturn?

Saturn has a mean diameter of approximately 120,000 kilometers (74,000 miles), and a mass 95 times that of Earth.

Why your srs light stays on your 95 Honda accord?

The SRS lights says on when then is a problem with your air bag system. You need to take your Honda Accord into a service center to get it serviced.

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