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Where is the air compressor for the suspension located on a 1995 Lincoln?


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I don't know on 95 for sure but the 96 is right front corner behind headlamp ==new answer== same in the 94


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The suspension compressor relay on the 1995 Lincoln Continental is located under the hood in almost the exact center of the vehicle just under a smaller relay. It is at the front of the car, just look for the fan shroud and the relay will placed in between the two fans closer to the top.

Air compressor/ dryer assembly is located in front of the power steering reservoir underneath the removable plastic shield that covers the front part of the engine compartment.

Mine is a 93 markVIII.My compresser runs both front and rear together.Its located in front of car passenger side..hope this helps

Below the window washer bottle below the air cleaner behind the headlight on the driver's side.

I'm not sure why you would want to disable this.. There is an on and off switch in the trunk on the passenger side. In the off position the air compressor will not operate.

the air suspension stopped working on my 1994 lincoln

Open the hood, standing in front of the car, the compressor is located all the way on the right hand side(drivers) and all the way to the back(windshield) of the engine bay. it all the way on top of everything by the wheel well very easy to get to.

Yes the 1995 Lincoln Continental comes from the factory with air suspension, in which can be converted to non-air.

the rollover switch for the fuel pump is located in the trunk right next to the suspension shutoff switch.

It sounds like your compressor was killed. What more than likely happend is that your airbag got a hole or crack in it causing the compressor to work overtime. I would recommend a conversion kit. This is a permanent fix to suspension problems. Try that is where I did my conversion about 5 years ago and have been very happy ever since. Good Luck

On 1995 to 1997 Lincoln Continentals, there is a manual switch located in the trunk on the left side. It is an on-off rocker switch.

Under the window washer bottle under the air cleaner on the driver's side behind the headlight.

1995-1997 Town Car The module is located behind the glove box. Flip the glove box down and locate the air suspension module mounted on the heater core directly in front of you.

check to see if the air compressor turns on, and listen for an air leak from the rear tires, if you hear a leak than you have a whole in the air suspension and the bags need to be replaced

The flashers are part of the directional stalk. This is for all 1995 - 1997 Lincoln Continentals.

The air compressor for the shocks is located under a plastic shield on the left side of the car in the front bolted on to the frame

under the hood on the drivers side towardsthe very font of the car you will see your windshield washer fluid tank,you must take that off and under the tank is your compresor.

It is on top of the engine, next to the alternator.

The air compressor is below the window washer bottle below the air cleaner on the driver's side behind the headlight.

Monroe has a coil spring conversion kit to replace the air suspension in the 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII. The part number is Monroe 90002 and it costs $457 per the catalog:

The jack is located behind the removable plastic panel in the drivers side rear of the cargo area (Note: if this is a Limited model with air suspension , there is also a rocker switch located in the compartment to shut off the air compressor before jacking the vehicle )

It comes on automatically for six seconds then should go off, if it don't you got a bad compressor or need to replace the airbags.

If you are looking to replace your air suspension with a traditional coil spring setup, check out Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victorias of the same vintage...both were based on the same chassis as the Lincoln Town Car.

The starter relay on a 1995 Lincoln Town Car is located in the fuse box near the battery in the engine compartment. It is at location 'E' and it is a 40 Amp. fuse.

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