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Open the hood. From that position, look to the left of the engine, on the firewall, in line with the passenger side windshield wiper next to the fenderwell. Or follow the heater hoses to the firewall. Next to the heater hoses you will see a black 'nozzle' that comes away from the firewall and turns 90 degrees toward the ground. This is the drain tube for the evaporator. I'm assuming (stupidly, of course) that you are attempting to find the drain tube in order to perform a leak check of the evaporator with your electronic leak detector, as these drain tubes never stop up. If this is, in fact, the case, you must know that it is much easier and more accurate to gently pull the 90 degree rubber tube off of the nipple (replacing it, of course when you are finished). One handy method of getting an accurate reading for leaks is to place the leak detector probe against the drain tube (being careful not to allow condensate to enter the probe tip), and have someone gently open one of the doors (all windows up) and then close it briskly. This pushes air from the cab across the evaporator and out of the drain tube, causing the leak detector to go off if, in fact the core is leaking. If you haven't changed a core on one of these before, you might want to check and double check your repair manual. It is challenging. Good Luck, SDIgroup

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Q: Where is the air conditioner evaporator drain hose located on a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer?
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