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Where is the air conditioning condenser coil located in a 1992 Cavalier and how do you clean it?

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It Is Located In Front Of The Radiator. Generally You Can Clean It By Using A Garden Hose Washing It Out( That Is The Fins On The Outside Of It ) Just Spray Through It It Should Remove Dust And Some Bugs. This May Help Your A/C If Not Have Your System Checked, By An A/C Mechanic Hope This Helps.

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How do i clean the airconditioning on a 1998 Daewoo lanos?

You can clean the air conditioning by vacuuming out the air conditioning vents. You can also clean the air conditioning condenser vent screen.

How can I clean my air conditioning system myself?

You should clean both the evaporator and the condenser. To the clean the evaporator: remove the foil wrapped insulator, behind that remove the screws from the access plate, clean entire side of evaporator and the tray beneath with a stiff brush, pour one teaspoon of blean into weep hole in the tray, replace equipment. To clean the condenser: clean condenser with commercial coil cleanser, clean fins with a soft brush carefully, check pad on which the condenser rests to make sure it is level.

Where is the Air conditioning cooling coil located in a 1992 cavalier and how do you get at it to check and clean?

Hi, I got the same problem with a 97 Saturn, I can get to it by removing the blower motor, there is just enough room to get my hand in there, it is really dirty, but I don't know how to clean it.

Where is the A.C. condenser drain located at and how do you get to it for clean-out on an 2005 ford F 150?

There is no drain on an AC condenser it is a closed pressurised system. To drain it you have to hook up a machine that sucks the freon out.

How do you clean a central air condenser?

by flushing

How do you clean air conditioner condenser on a ford f250?

The inside of the air conditioner condenser can be cleaned by removing the hoses and running water through the condenser. Run water through the condenser until the water exiting the condenser is clear.

What is the best way to clean air conditioning ducts?

you can clean Air Conditioning ducts by feather but you should call a professional Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning for better cleaning of your AC.

How much does it cost to clean an evaporator coil in the air handler?

How much does a company charges to clean a condenser and evaporator coil

How do you clean a tumble dryer condenser box?

The Kenmore Gas Dryer will not heat and dry clothing.

How to clean plugged condenser venture van?

I believe it would be less expensive to just replace the condenser. The labor rate to remove it, clean it, then replace it would be the same whether you TRY to unplug it or just replace it with a new one.Take Care,Greg

How often does one have to clean out air conditioning filters?

Air conditioning filters have to be cleaned at least every three months. Dirty air conditioning filters can increase energy consumption of air conditioners.

What do you clean to make Ac on 2001 Malibu blow better?

try cleaning front condenser, in front of radiater,

Where is the air conditioning condensate drain on a 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager and how do you clean it?

It is located on the passenger side firewall on the outside directly opposite where you place your feet. It has a wire spring clamp that you can compress to remove it. Clean it and reinstall it, if you do not then air flow will keep the water from draining.

How do stop the squeeking from the air conditioning unit on a 2001 Honda Passport?

clean the fan

How do you clean the condenser on a 1995 suburban?

Remove any leaves or debris from the condenser fins, you can go over it lightly with a soft brush if you wish. Don't use high pressure air or water, as condenser fins bend easily. Use a fin comb to straighten any bent fins.

What precautions should be taken before using chemicals to clean a condenser?

Before using chemicals to clean a condenser read all directions and familiarize yourself with the chemicals you are using, and only use the approved chemicals. Make sure to wear rubber gloves when handling these chemicals

How do you keep a cavalier king Charles spaniel clean?

brush daily and wash every week or so

How can you clean the PCV valve on an 04 cavalier?

I guss the old way spray a little carb cleaner in it and shake it.

What tools do I need to clean and repair ductless air conditioning equipment?

The most important tool to have when cleaning and repairing a ductless air conditioning system is a schedule. Maintaining and inspecting the filters, compressors, air conditioning system and pipes on a weekly basis will ensure many years of service.

Where is Clean Air Products located?

Clean Air Products is located in the city of Minneapolis, which is part of the state of Minnesota. The address for Clean Air Products is 8605 Wyoming Avenue North.

How do you soften suede?

Use a clean toothbrush and a damp sponge using a conditioning liquid silicone and there you have a softer suede garment

How do you clean Ford Falcon au airconditioner?

How do change an air conditioning filter on a ford falcon 2006 Mk2 ute

Where is the air conditioning drain condensate tube on a 2000 Grand Voyager How do you unclog it?

The air conditioner drain condensate tube is located under the hood by the heater core . Remove the tube and clean the adapter, it may have picked up road debris.

How do air conditioning filters work?

The primary purpose of air filters is to keep the blower and evaporator coil clean. You should clean your A/C filter often to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Why is it necessary to insure that the Air conditioning service port caps containing good seals are installed?

To keep the service valves clean.