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Where is the air filter on a 1994 Pontiac Transport?


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2004-08-24 10:22:02
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Get a manual for your car from a parts store or AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM. They have pictures and everything.


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You can find the low pressure valve for your 1994 Pontiac Transport on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The low pressure valve will have a blue top.

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You can find the 2005 Pontiac Sunfire air filter the inside of the air filter housing.. The air filter housing will be in the engine compartment.

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under the hood, in the end of the air intake. 4 screws

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The 2002 Pontiac sunfire does not have a cabin filter. The air flows freely either in fresh air or recirculation modes.

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The 1995 Pontiac Transport air conditioning relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The air conditioning relay switch will be at the top of the third column.

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