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Where is the air pump check valve located on a 2001 gmc jimmy?

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2011-09-13 10:28:20

on the 2001 gmc jimmy 4.3L v6 engine there are two air pump

check valves: there's a pipe (about 1" diameter) that comes off

each of the exhaust manifolds. the check valves are screwed onto

those pipes. then a rubber hose (about 1.25" outside diameter) is

clamped to the front of each check valve and connects to the air

pump, which is hidden behind the vehicles grille in front of the

radiator. typically, if you need to replace these (the life

expectancy is about 3-4 years), it starts a chain of events that

might be as follows: during the wintertime, water from the exhaust

leaks through the worn out one-way check valves, and ends up in the

air pump. the water freezes, and the ice jams the air pump, which

may or may not ruin the air pump, but which usually blows the air

pump fuse, which is impossible to find if you're rummaging around

the passenger compartment fuse box or the under-hood fuse and relay

box. it ain't there! so if you're looking under the hood leaning up

against the front bumper, slide to your left around the passenger

side headlight. now you should be looking at the battery, leaning

up against the passenger side fender. look down between the battery

and the fender. you have to push a few things out of the way, but

there you will find a green 30 amp blade fuse (about 1" x 1"

fuse--and $2.99 at autozone). this blown fuse should have triggered

the check engine light and a dtc (diagnostic trouble code) of p0410

(secondary air injection system). for that vehicle there is a tsb

(technical service bulletin) put out by gm (bulletin #

04-06-04-015; march 2004). if you want to print out some literature

about all that I've mentioned just surf on over to for more links and documentation. my

credentials: self-proclaimed auto mechanic for 26 years (sorry, no

ase certification yet [but still trying to find time to study for

the tests]) and college dropout (after 3 years of electrical

engineering)--so, in other words, don't believe a word i say; just

go to that website and get it straight from the horse's...

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