Lincoln Mark VIII

Where is the air suspension motor relay located on a Lincoln Mark 8 LSC?

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2008-11-26 05:23:20

The Air suspension Relay is located on either the front or side

of the air suspension compressor bracket, which is located inside

the front right wheelwell, below the headlight. The easiest ways to

access it are to remove the lower valence / front spoiler assembly

and look up on the right side (it is roughly 2" x 2" x 1/2" thick

with an Aluminum heat sink in the middle), or to remove the front

tire and the front fasteners from the inner fender liner (there are

two in the wheel lip opening, two in the lower valence to inner

fender liner joint (well, three actually, but only the innermost

two need to be removed, and a plastic clip that attaches to the

side of the engine compartment which is removed by pulling the

smaller center round pin out first, then pulling the outer round

piece out. The inner fender well can then be pulled rearward to

access the relay. There is an identical one in the left side

wheelwell that is for the ABS Brake system, these can be

interchanged to test operation.

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