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IN what country was ancient Troy?

Answer . Troy was, of course, a city state, so it was in, well, Troy. The site of the ancient city is now in Turkey - the Asian part of Turkey, which theRomans called Asia Minor.. Answer . The Troy of the Trojan War period was in Wilusa, a country that the Hittites referred to as an Arzawan L ( Full Answer )

What was the country of Jerusalem in ancient times?

It depends entirely on the years in question. Chronologically, we have the following list of occupants: . Proto-Canaanite . Egyptian New Kingdom . Jebusites . United Kingdom of Israel . Judah . Neo-Assyrian Empire . Neo-Babylonian Empire . Achaemenid Persian Empire . Macedonian Empire of ( Full Answer )

What countries did the ancient Roman's conquered?

There's a problem about that. In ancient times there weren't the countries we know today... the question would be, which territories the ancient roman empire enclosed. " http://www.michaelmaxwolf.de/antike/ROM/karte_roemisches_reich.htm " - this is an address in the net to have a look at the biggest ( Full Answer )

What was ancient name for country of Mexico?

The Mexica (Nahuatl) were an indigenous people of Mexico, known today as the Aztecs.. There is disagreement over the meaning of the name Mexica, and the place name Mexico (Mexihco) where they lived.. The name of Mexico comes from the Nahuatl name Mexihco.

What countries did the ancient Egyptians trade with?

They traded With Kush,Nubia,Mesopotamia,and asia minorand other places well those are cities they traded with. . Grain,Fruit,Vegitables,Papyrus,Animals,Gold,Copper,and Silver. . / .

Ancient distance of the earth to the moon?

In the past, the Moon was a lot closer to the Earth. The ancient distance was about 10,000 miles. Then, the Moon was large enough to cover over a dozen present Moons.

What modern country was ancient Assyria?

The Assyrians were people of a common lineage, common language, common religion, and a common location. Though they are of different religious denominations, they consider themselves to form one greater religious community. They typically lived in Northern Iraq, Iran, Southeastern Turkey, and the ea ( Full Answer )

What was the most powerful ancient country?

The most powerful ancient country ever is Iran! For thousand of years, Iran had been able to have a stable empire from very west to the east of the world. And It is still called with that ancient name which makes it the oldest established country! I would have to say Greece. When Alexander the ( Full Answer )

Was ancient Egypt a country?

Not in the sense that we think of a country, with set boundaries that are (sometimes) observed by their neighbors. They were an empire, taking and holding whatever territory they could for as long as they could.

What countries traded with ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptians most often visited the countries along the Mediterranean Sea and the Upper Nile River to the south because they were immediately adjacent to Egypt and contained materials that the Egyptians desired. At various times in their history, the ancient Egyptians set up trade routes to ( Full Answer )

What country is ancient Rome?

Ancient Rome was not a country. It was the Romans' capital in Italy, as well as the heart of the Ancient Roman empire, which included several countries.

How countries in earth?

Possibly you mean 'How many countries on the Earth?' There are about 200 countries - my atlas lists 195, but 204 attended the recent Olympics.

What were the ancient countries?

china india persia arabia mesopatamia asia minor phoenicia syria israel kush egypt aksum ghana mali songhai zimbabwe britain spain gaul italy macedonia dacia greece ireland

Which is the most ancient countries in the world?

Bulgaria Answer: The truth is, that there are several ancient countries that might qualify as the most ancient, but archeaologists and historians don't agree 100%. The top contenders for this title are Syria, The West Bank (once part of Israel), and the Indian state of Gujarat.

Is Spain an ancient country?

The Iberian Peninsula where Spain is located has a history several thousand years old. The country of Spain has a history several hundred years old. Compared to other countries that makes Spain quite old. Italy and Germany, for example, have only existed as countries for less than two centuries. Fra ( Full Answer )

Was ancient Greece a country?

Ancient Greece was not a country or nation, but a collection ofcity states with a common ethnic, cultural and linguistic identity.The tough terrain of Greece (including Mt. Olympus, home of thegods) kept them separate and fiercely independent. This competitiveenvironment eventually lead them to ther ( Full Answer )

Which is the ancient religion on earth?

ISLAM is the encient religion on earti. it starts from HAZRAT AADAM ,the first man on earth . this may be confusing because we think ISLAM starts from HAZRAT MUHAMMAD[PEACE BE UPON HIM] Actually ISLAM means to obey all the teachings of ALLAH.

What countries did ancient Egypt conquer?

Ancient Egypt's territory changed many times over its 3000 years of existence. When Egypt became a unified country under the pharaoh Menes, it was just a small civilization in the Nile river valley. Eventually, though, as the kingdom grew and new pharaohs came into power, Egypt conquered many more l ( Full Answer )

Ancient Egypt is located in what country?

ancient Egypt is located in north east Africa. Egypt itself is a country its current borders are not much different from those in ancient times

What countries are colonized by ancient France?

France has had colonies all over the world. Of course, most of themhave been in Africa. Just to name a few African countries which were French colonies:Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Madagascar orSeychelles. In Oceania France has colonized countries like Tahiti and Papua NewGuinea.

Why was Ancient Egypt a rich country?

The Nile River is what gave ancient Egypt its wealth. With the river's annual floods, vast floodplains were enriched with rich soil and silt washed down from central Africa. The result of all this rich agricultural land allowed the Egyptians to grow vast amounts of grains like wheat. The annua ( Full Answer )

What did ancient Egyptian called their country?

The ancient Egyptians had several different names for their country: . Hr idbwy (The Banks of Horus) - referring to the banks of the Nile . kmt + the location determinative (the Black Land, Egypt) . ta mri (Egypt) . idbwy (The Two Banks) - Egypt

Is Iran an ancient country?

Answer 1 Not particularly - Iran was originally part of Persia until a few centuries ago. Answer 2 The Persian and Iranian perspective has always been that each new Persian Empire is a reincarnation of the older Persian Empires. While the modern Islamic Republic of Iran is only 33 years old, ( Full Answer )

How do you get ancient Rome on Google Earth?

Unfortunately, the ' Ancient Rome 3D ' layer is no longer available as a Layer in Google Earth.. The following was the original answer when it was available in 2008. For more details see the related links section below the answer including an article with screenshots of what it looked like and a ( Full Answer )

How did ancient roman develop their country?

Ancient Rome did a number of things to strengthen their empire. Their powerful government made a huge difference in the way people behaved, their military allowed them to conquer many tribes or other countries, their rulers like Julius Caesar were some of the most influencial people in the entire wo ( Full Answer )

What country is ancient Pompeii located in?

Pompeii was an ancient city in Italy. It was founded about 600 BC by the Oscans before they were conquered by the Samnites. It became a Roman colony in 80 BC and was completely demolished in 79 AD by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

What countries did the ancient Egyptians trade with and what for?

Thr ancient Egyptians imported wine, copper from the Greek islands; wine, copper, wood, tin, slaves, horses from the eastern Mediterranean; salt, natron, cattle, dates from the desert oases; gold, copper, cattle, and slaves from Nubia.

What country is known for their ancient ruins?

Allthough I am from Greece I want to tell you that this doesn't affect my answer at all. To my knowledge Greece has many ancient ruins among them is the Parthenon which is know for its beauty an it's amazing architecture. Also Egypt has some amazing ancient ruins, like the pyramids.

What countries did Ancient China takeover?

Ancient China was not today's China. Its parts were progressively joined together as the millennia progressed. The takeovers of eg Mongolia, Sin Kiang and Tibet are modern events.

Is there an ancient country called phrygia?

Yes,In antiquity, Phrygia was a kingdom in the west central part ofAnatolia, in what is now modern-day Turkey, centered around theSakarya River. it died when Alexander the Great died. In thechaotic period after Alexander's death, northern Phrygia wasoverrun by Celts, eventually to become the provinc ( Full Answer )

Is Vietnam an ancient country?

Yes, Vietnam is an ancient country. Vietnam is one of the world's oldest ancient country ever existed thousands of years ago. Mesopotamia started to exist in 3200 BC, Egypt started to exist in 3100 BC, Vietnam started to exist in 2879 BC, Korea started to exist in 2333 BC and China started to exist ( Full Answer )

Was ancient China one country?

I would not really classify it as a country, because it was a rising and falling empire. It frequently gained and lost territory, and was enslaved under the Mongols. So, it is not a country, because countries have clearly defined borders. But yes, it was in one piece and united most of the time. T ( Full Answer )

Where was the ancient country of Magog?

Various opinions have been put forth, including Anatolia, Asiaminor, southern Russia, Afghanistan and Mongolia. Many ancientpeoples gradually drifted from their original locations, so thereneed not necessarily be a contradiction among the opinionsconcerning Magog.

What countries are in ancient China?

The Ancient Near East is not a country, but a general area that often extends from what we now call the Middle East to Egypt. Here you'll find an introduction, links, and a picture to go with ancient countries and peoples around the Fertile Crescent. .

What countries did ancient Egypt control?

Ancient Egypt was not an empire; it controlled only Egypt for most of its history. Sometimes, Ancient Egypt extended into modern Israel/Palestine or modern Sudan, but this was rare.

Mention one of the ancient of our country?

Since you do not mention which country you are from, this questionis debatable. However, since I live in the United States, I willnote that among the Founding Fathers of my country are GeorgeWashington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

What country was ancient China in?

Ancient China has always been where modern China is today. Thoughparts of the boundaries may have ebbed and flowed during what wasoften a turbulent history. Not least when the various dynastieswere in power.