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Where is the auto shut down relay on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager lost the top of the fuse box under the hood?

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2007-01-03 01:02:47

When you say auto shut down relay (I may be wrong), but I am

assuming you mean the inertia switch. On most all vehicles from the

mid 90's have an inertia switch that monitors vehicle turbulence,

the purpose being that if you are in a impact accident or rollover,

it detects this and shuts down the fuel pump and spark to help

prevent fire hazard and save lives. However they have been known

quite often to trigger for no apparent reason, and then you get a

no start condition. Location/ in most mini vans open the back hatch

and mostly on the drivers side, but sometimes on the other side

below the window area where the plastic inside molding on the sides

are look for a access panel that pops off usually with a

screwdriver. Sometimes you might have to move some carpeting. Look

for a small box that has wires coming from it and a red button on

it. If you find it then push the red button and it will reset the

inertia switch and enable the fuel pump and spark to plugs. If the

switch feels like it is not resetting then tap on the unit lightly

with a mallot while trying to reset it. It should make a light

click sound if it was tripped and reset.

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