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On my 93 Shadow, the Auto S/D relay is on the driver side just outboard of the battery. It is located under the lip of the front left fender separate from the A/C and Starter relay which are side by side).

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Q: Where is the automatic shut off relay on a 1988 dodge shadow?
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Where is A Starter Relay Located On 1988 Dodge Ram Van?

Where is a starter realy located on a dodge ram van

Where specifically is the auto shutdown relay switch located on a 1988 Dodge Caravan?

the relay closest to the driver on the fender well

1988 Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump relay Location?

The fuel pump relay on a 1988 Dodge Dakota truck is located in the engine compartment, near the fire wall. It is contained in a water tight box which houses a number of relays and fuses.

Where is the transmission filter on a standard transmission on a 1988 dodge shadow?

The manual shift transmission does not have a filter.

What kind of oil dodge shadow?

depends on the mileage.....for a 1988 dodge shadow with over 100000 miles its be sure either go to or call any auto parts store and have them run the information for you.

How do you replace the ASD sensor on a 1988 Dodge D150?

The Automatic Shutdown Relay is located on left inner fender and is secured along with several other relays with a 10 mm sheet metal screw. Simply unplug the wires and remove the screw.

Where is the blower motor relay on a 1988 dodge dynasty?

on the 89 dynasty, it is located right next to the thermostat

Where do you add transmission fluid to an 1988 dodge shadow turbo?

On an automatic, the dipstick is on the left side near the battery. The fluid level should be checked at idle in park. If a manual the fill plug is about half way up the right side of the transmission case.

Where is brake light switch on 1988 dodge shadow?

Under the dash, on the brake pedal arm mounting bracket.

What is the name of the automatic transmission in a 1988 Dodge D100?

Should be an A727 tranny. I have an 1989 Dodge D100 3.9 v6 and the transmission in it is an 904 a lighter version of the 727.

Where is the starter relay for a 1988 Dodge van with a 318 engine with air conditioning?

The starter relay operates the starter soleniod. The relay is located on the firewall at about the 8 O'Clock position looking at the brake booster. It has 4 wires in one connector going to it.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1988 Dodge Ram 250?

The fuel pump relay should be located under the hood on firewall below the brake booster and just to the driver side of the engine housing.

I Need wiring diagram for 1988 dodge shadow?

Haynes Manual 30055 chapter 12.....all the wiring diagrams youll ever need.

Where is the fan relay on a 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Look in the power distribution box (Black Box) located under the hood drivers side.

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Where is the asd automatic shut down relay on an 1988 Lebaron?

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Whats the front speaker size in a 1988 Dodge Shadow ES?

5.25" - I have one of these cars and want to replace the front speakers too. The backs are 5x7s.

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Where is the air conditioning low pressure service valve located on a 1988 dodge shadow?

right in front of the compressor the alternator is right below it take off the black cap and there it is

What are the ratings and certificates for Shadow Dancing - 1988?

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How do you reset the Maint Req light on a 1988 Dodge Ram?

pull down glove box small relay on right side slide push in small red button to reset

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