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It's on the front driver's side of the transmission, near the bottom. There are other sensors there, so get the replacement first and match the connectors. They are all slightly different, only the correct one will fit.

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Q: Where is the backup light switch located on a 1991 Dodge Dynasty?
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Where is the backup light switch located on a 1997 dodge neon?

The backup light switch is located on the side of the transmission. It has two wires coming off of it but they are probably covered in wire wrap.

Where is the backup switch located on the transmission for the 97 dodge caravan?

its on the front of the transmission, near the trans pan

Where is coil located on 1989 dodge dynasty?

Where is coil located on a 1989 dodge dynasty at

Where is the switch located for the backup lights on 1999 Dodge truck?

Where it is exactly I do not know suffice it to say that it is somewhere on the transmission.

Is there a relay switch between the backup lights and the transmission neutral-safety-backup switch on a 1992 Dodge Caravan?

it is located under hood in relay and fuse holder. right by driver front fender

Where is the backup light switch on a 1998 Dodge Dakota. My backup lights come on between neutral and reverse?

The backup light switch is mounted on the transmission casing.

How do you fix a wiper switch on a 1993 Dodge Dynasty?

change wiper switch

Where is the temperature fan switch located on a 1993 Dodge Dynasty?

The fan sending unit is on the side near the thermostat housing.

Is there a fuel pump inertia switch on a 1990 Dodge dynasty?

Dodge doesn't use inertia switches.

Where is the starter relay for a 1991 dodge dynasty 3.3 liter?

The 1991 Dodge Dynasty starter relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The starter relay switch will be in the third column, third from the top.

Where is the water pump located on a 1988 Dodge Dynasty?

Its located in the gas tank.

Where does the reset engine firing switch located in a 95 dodge stratus?

Dodge does not have a reset switch.

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