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Where is the battery located for 86 escort diesel?


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Hi, the battery in my 86 Escort Wagon is in the back, behind the rear seat on the driver's side. Hope this helps.

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Do you mean "How Many Diesel Escorts were Sold in the U.S. AND overseas ?

NO. An 86 Escort is a 1st generation Escort and a 93 Escort is a 2nd generation.

Right in front of the oil pan (2.8l) Disconnect the battery before getting a wrench close to the starter. The starter has a HOT battery cable runnign directly to it. Shorting this to the frame with a wrench might start a fire, blow up your battery, or both.

it is located on the side of the transmission

There is an easy way to find out what is draining the battery on your car. Disconnect the positive or negative battery terminal. Not both. Connect a test light between the post of the battery to the cable end of the battery. If your car is draining the batt ery the light will show it. To find out where the drain is coming from just pull fuses until the light goes out. Then you will know what is draining the battery by the function of the fuse you just pulled. For example, if you pulled the fuse for "radio" and the light went out you would know the radio is drawing the current off your battery.

A size 86 is stock but a size 26 battery will fit.

Yes, but you'd be better off with a 2003 Jetta

Hi, I had a 84 van, and the battery was in the floor behind the drivers seat. I hope that helps. Kerry

Pull off the seat, its under there.

On the starter or IF you have (2) positive battery cables, in between them.

does anyone know where the horn relay switch is on a 86 chevy S10?

85 bhp (86 PS/63 kW) at 5500 rpm is the power of the ford escort Mexico 1971 engine and its maximum speed is 140 mph.

Could be a bad ignition coil Could be a bad distributor cap or rotor

Solved... Only happened in the mornings with heavy dew. Cleaned and tighened battery terminals.

30 and 87 are the load connections. 85 and 86 are the trigger connections. 30, battery power. 87, load (component). 86, to switch that turns on the relay. 85, to ground.

it is group 86; should be 640 cca (cold cranking amps). could get 525 cca but not recommended. best value/price Costco or Walmart. Top rated battery probably Interstate mtp 86 but rather pricie.

The maximum speed of a 1965 Ford F-350 diesel 6-cylinder 86 hp vehicle is 340 km/h.

86 bhp is the power of the ford Taunus Granada wagon diesel 4cyl 1977 engine and its maximum speed is 94 mph.

The timer relay for glow plugs on a 86 Jetta is under the steering column. It is located in slot ten.

on my 86 xj6 it is under the hood in the right fender well. On my 1995 XJ6 Vanden Plas the battery is in the trunk under the floor panel on the right hand side. 89 XJ40 UK spec. Rear left (from driver position) of engine compartment where it meets the inner wing/fender

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