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Look under your back seat. I have a 2001 Seville and that is where mine is located. The seat pops out very easily.

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Q: Where is the battery located in a 2000 Cadillac SLS?
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Where is battery located in cadillac sls 1999?

under the backseats under the backseats

Where is the battery located on a 98 cadillac sls?

Im pretty sure its under the back seat!!!!

2000 Cadillac Seville Cadillac SLS length?

16.7 feet or 200.9inchs

Where is battery on 2003 Cadillac sls?

Under the rear seat....

How much horsepowers a 2000 sls cadillac have?


How do you check codes on a Cadillac Seville 2000?

how do you check a/c codes on a 2000 Cadillac Seville sls

Where the starter is on a 2000 Cadillac sls?

under and to the right of the distributor

What is the spark plug gap for a 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS?

2000 Cadillac Seville SLS 4.6L SFI DOHC 8cylThe Spark Plug Gap.050 (In thousandths of an inch)

Where exactly is the thermostat located on a 2001 cadillac sls?

The thermostat on a 2001 Cadillac SLS is located in the radiator. To access it, remove the upper hose assembly after draining the radiator halfway.

1998 Cadillac Seville sls Where are fuse boxes?

The fuse boxes in a 1998 Cadillac Seville sls are located between the panel and the driver\'s panel.

Where is the battery in a cadillac sls?

It's located under the rear seat cushion. Just pull the center of the rear seat up and forward. That should do it.

2001 Cadillac deville anti theft problems?

2000 Cadillac Seville SLS Anti-Theft System how do i reset it

Why does your 1998 cadillac sls keep shutting off?

Check the battery connection, under the rear seat.

Where is the battery on a 1999 Cadillac Seville?

The battery to a 1999 Cadillac Seville SLS is underneath the backseat of the car. The car manual explains how to remove the rear seat and gain access to the battery. It is much easier then it sounds.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor in a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS?

where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a 1999 cadillac seville sls?

Where is the air conditioning fuse located on a 1995 SLS Cadillac Seville and what size is it?

its in the fuse box

Where is the fuse box located for a 1996 Cadillac Seville sls?

it has to boxes under the hood and one in the trunk

Where is the starter located on a 1997 cadillac sls?

Its under the intake manifold about a hour to do whole job if you have the right tools

What year was the last Cadillac SLS?


Where could a person buy a Cadillac SLS?

You can purchase a Cadillac SLS from auction websites such as eBay motors. Alternatively, you can purchase these vehicles from classifieds such as Craigslist.

Where is the relay or fuse located for the tail lights on a 1999 Cadillac Seville SLS?

fuse bock under the rear seat.

What does code p0101 mean on cadillac 2000 sls?

Trouble code P0101 means:Mass or volume circuit range performance problem

What type of gas a 2000 sls Cadillac take?

87 should be sufficient and it will run on 87 but if you want the full potential of this engine then Cadillac recommends 91 octane premium fuel.

Where is the knock sensor on a 1997 cadillac SLS?

It is located underneath the engine, near the intake manifold. The engine will have to be lifted up for it to be removed.

How do you remove the battery from a 2002 sls cadillac?

it should be in your owners manual. but it should just be bolted down just unscrew those bolts and it should come out