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The battery in the Saturn Vue is located under the hood on the driver's side, near the front of the car.


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Saturn Vue was created in 2002.

Zero, a Saturn Vue is fuel injected.

The starter on the 2002 Saturn vue is located on the front underside of the engine, follow the positive(red) cable from the battery and it should connect to the solenoid which is part of the starter.

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its the red one conected to the positive terminal

Nothing to reset except the radio presets and the clock.

Saturn didn't start making the VUE until 2002; are you certain you have a 2001 VUE?

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I found a diagram for the rear door of a 2006 Saturn Vue at this loaction:

You can tighten the sun visor on a 2009 Saturn Vue using a torx screwdriver.You can tighten the sun visor on a 2009 Saturn Vue using a torx screwdriver.

towing capacity of a 2009 Saturn hybrid vue is 3,500 lbs.


The Saturn Vue was once manufactured by General Motors. The Vue is no longer in production, as the vehicle was no longer made in North America after 2009.

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i have 230xxx on my 2002 Saturn Vue and i never replaced the clutch

An 11 year old 2003 Saturn Vue has no warranty. It expired long ago.

When you open the hood, there's a black rectangular box about the width of a battery. This is just a protection cover. Remove the 3 screws, lift the cover and you will see the battery.

Saturn has a variety a SUV models including:2009 Saturn Outlook,2009 Saturn Vue and the 2009 Saturn Vue Hybrid these models had been made in earlier years also.

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