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in america. it is the best place to go and if you have lots of money you can buy stuff. the animal shelter is an animal wellfair and its good for animals to go there so that they dont starve to death and they can get water and somewear to sleep.

AnswerIt really all depends on Where you are Located in the State... NJ has a number of different shelters and Organizations { there is usually a shelter or organization for every town} all throughout the state... I would suggest going to Petfinder.Org this website will be able to direct you to a shelter in your area..

*Depends if you are leaving an animal or going to one to adopt or wanting to donate. I think there are sites for American shelters and charities that list dubious shelters who use very little of their funds raised for the animals and also, shelters that have the worst record for putting down animals brought to them. Can't remember where I stumbled across them - but very disturbing and very worth looking into...

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Q: Where is the best animal shelter in New Jersey?
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