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Most people consider the best chocolates in the world to come from either France, Switzerland, or Belgium.

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What is the best chocolate in world?

Well the best chocolate in the world IS ENGLISH chocolate in first place the NZ chocolate in second .

What is the best chocolate in the world 2010?

SWISS THINS (LINDT) is the best chocolate in the world

What is the worlds best selling chocolate?

Cadbury Chocolate is the best selling chocolate in the world

Is butler's chocolate the best chocolate the world?

That's a matter of opinion, so there is no right or wrong answer. If someone says that "Butler's chocolate is the best chocolate in the world," then they are asking for someone else to say, "Cadbury is the best chocolate in the world," and so on. But whatever is the best chocolate, just make you sure enjoy it!

Which is the best chocolate in the world?

the best chocolate in the world is CADBURYS because it tastes so nice and creamy:}

What is the world's best chocolate factory?

The world best chocolate factory is Hershey

What is Belgian famous for?

Chocolate - Belgian chocolate is the best in the world.

What is the best chocolate in the world?

The best chocolate in the world is Hershey Chocolate. Its actually been proven: 9 out of 10 people like Hershey Chocolate then the leading brandFirstly, that will have been a survey in America. Secondly, many "chocolate officianados" would consider Belgian chocolate to be the best in the world.definatly dark

Which chocolate bar is the best?

The best chocolate bars in the whole world are Snickers, Mars Bars, Chocolate Whole Nut Bars

How much chocolate is made in Belgium?

A LOT. We do make the best chocolate in the world. trust me, it's the best!

The best food in the world besides chocolate?

pie is the best for some others think its chocolate cake!

What is the best milkshake in the world?

Oreo chocolate

Is chocolate the best food in the world?


Where is the best chocolate located in the world?


What is the most delicious chocolate in the world?

If you want something rich. The best chocolate known in the world is from belguim and switzerland. White chocolate is also good.

What is the best tasting chocolate in the world?

Bellbrook Chocolates! theirs is the best!

What countries in the world can one visit for the best chocolate?

There are many countries in the world where someone can go visit to get the best chocolate. Examples of some of the best countries are Switzerland, Belgium and France.

What is the world best food?

Well........... i think Chocolate is.

Where is chocolate sold?

practically everywhere. The best chocolate in the world comes from Switzerland, Belguim and Holland.

Why was chocolate important to Aztec history?

Because chocolate is the best thing in the world and they ate it a lot and traded it.

What is the best selling cookie in the world?

chocolate chip DUMMY!

What are the best niche product in the world?

i phones, maybe chocolate

What is good about Belgium?

The chocolate! Americans believe Swiss chocolate is the best, but that's absolutely not true. We make the most delicious chocolate ever. Our beer is known to be the best in the world. Belgian fries, ...

What is the greatest candy in the world?

Dairy Milk Chocolate bars - they are the best! :)

What is the Best Cheesecake in the World?

The best cheesecake is the triple chocolate cheesecake in the American Cooking Guide.