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Why are you meeting her? If it's about child custody or support issues between your boyfriend and his ex, let them deal with it privately. Stay out of the situation. If you are meeting her to confront her or to ask questions, it's overall a bad idea and won't turn out the way you want it to. The above poster gave you excellent advice. My first husband was cheating on me and eventually his last mistress had the guts to phone me to "discuss this 3-way relationship!" HUH? My husband was sitting in the living room with a wide grin on his face and it was at this instant I knew he was enjoying the ride of his life by idiotically thinking 2 women would actually fight over him. I looked at this grinning lump and said to his mistress, "Hey, no problem, you've got him and I'll even tie a big blue bow on his butt!" His mouth flew open, I kicked him out, moved and sued him for divorce. Don't meet with this woman! Either you are curious or she's fighting to get her husband back. Remember there is nothing greater than the wrath of a woman!

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Q: Where is the best place to meet your boyfriend's ex-wife?
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