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These bushes do the best when planted on the northern most side of the home. They also love sunlight. We had three planted on the northern side of our home and an 80 foot oak shaded the three in a gradutated way. The one closest to the outer edge of the shade grew larger then the other two then the next grew larger than the third. The 80 foot oak was taken out due to a sewer line issue and within two growing seasons the small inner most planted bush had grown to the same size as the other two. It was amazing watching this!

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Can you split a snowball bush?

You can split a snowball bush if it is a large, healthy one. It's best to split it in winter, when the plant is dormant.

When is the best time to plant a snowball bush?

It is best to plant snowball bushes in the spring because they bloom from April to May. Make sure they are planted in full sun or partial shade.

When is the best time to transplant a snowball bush?

Actually, there is a shrub called the Chinese snowball bush. It is not the hydrangea. Transplant the snowball bush in the fall.

Can a snowball bush be moved if it is getting too large for its place?

It is possible to move a snowball bush if it is getting to large for its place. This involves pulling the bush up from its roots and moving it to well-drained soil.

Where is the best place to plant a mini rose bush?

The ground.

When is the best time to trim a snowball bush?

most spring blooming shrubs require pruning after the blooms are gone, but before fall.

Why does the 'snowball bush' look like it's diseased after blooming?

The snowball bush flowers on the old wood. So after the blooming the flowers turn light brown this is normal. If the plant must be pruned you must wait until after its bloom.

What is the lifespan of a snowball bush?

Viburnum opulus "sterile" the Snowball bush is a shrub or small tree and has a reasonable life span but it is easily propogated.

Is vibernum snowball bush deciduous?

It depends on the variety.

Where is the best place to plant a rose bush?

Your garden is generally the best place to grow plants. i have tried many other alternatives such as: -The bathroom -The street -My shoe -in a dog house. Good Luck!

What are the difference between plant and bush?

A bush is a plant

You want to re plant a rose bush when is the best month to do this?


When is best time to plant a smoke bush?

Probably during the summer

When is the best season to plant a bush or tree?

i would say in spring

Where does the branch root develop from?

How do you get another snowball bush started from a established bush? i dont think any body knows

When does a Viburnum - Common Snowball Bush bloom?

Mid Spring in TN.

What is the best plant to put near dogs?

Well i know what not to put, a bush!

When is the best time to plant a butterfly bush?

As soon as there is no risk of frost you should plant, then come summer your bush will be producing plenty of nice nectar rich flowers for the butterflies.

Will pouring food coloring on the ground around a snowball bush change the color of the flowers on a snowball bush?

The only way I have found to chane the color on the blooms is to acidify the soil for blue or ironize the soil for pink hope this helps

Where is the best place to buy a Bush TV?

What might be considered as the best place is always a matter of opinion. There are many stores where the Bush TV can be found, such as Walmart, Sears, Lowe's, and others. It would be recommended for the shopper to check different stores in their area, and find the best deal for the specific Bush TV they are looking for.

Where is the ideal place to plant a rose of Sharon bush?

The ideal place to plant a rose of Sharon bush is outdoors close to a protected area under a overhang so when winter comes it won't get frost damage. This rose should be planted in fall so it can bloom in spring time.

Where is the best place to hunt for turkey?

Online is one place. Namely Far Cry 3. But also in the bush.

Can you plant roses from seeds?

No but you can plant a rose bush.

What is juniper bush?

A Plant

When is the best time to plant a burning bush?

As there are three or four different plants called burning bush and all require different treatment it is impossible to answer this question accurately.

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