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in your house

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โˆ™ 2010-12-01 14:00:43
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Q: Where is the best place to smoke weed?
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What states are you allowed to smoke weed in?

the only place you can smoke weed is if you have a medical license

What is the best way to clean your system of weed?

Don't ingest/smoke it in the first place.

What is the best way to cover THC in a drug test?

Don't smoke weed in the first place.

Can you smoke weed when you have measles?

It is the best medicine

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

When is the best time to smoke weed?

4:20 ! (:or at night

What is the best way to detox from marijuana?

Smoke more weed.

How do you explain to parents you want to smoke weed?

Weed is illegal and if you are living at home most likely you are not an adult. If you are an adult go get your own place if you want to smoke weed. When you are busted for possession your parents will not be implicated.

Does Mitchel Musso smoke weed?

no he doesnt smoke weed

How do you get higher when you smoke weed?

Dont smoke weed or be square

How can you get medicated to smoke weed?

You can get medicated to smoke weed if you have glacoma.

Does nuri smoke weed?

yes she smoke alot of weed.

How long do you stay high when you smoke weed?

ypu should not smoke weed in the first place you crach head

Can you smoke weed inside your home or outside in Indianapolis Indiana?

If I were you , the best place to smoke it without getting caught is inside a home. Generally in a basement. NEVER smoke it outside.. LOL if you do, chances are likely that you'll get caught.

Increase your high on weed?

smoke i cig menthol work the best

What is the best way to treat the problem of underweight?

Smoke some weed.

What is the best way to get the most out of your weed?

Well, you should probably smoke it.

Can you smoke weed buds?

That's the part of weed your supposed to smoke.

What happens if you smoke weed before court?

don't smoke weed

Can you take aspirin and still smoke weed?

How bout, don't smoke weed?

Is there a reason that you dont get high when you smoke weed if i have adhd?

Before I answer that question, I would like to say, why are you smoking weed in the first place?

What is endo smoke?

it is weed smoke

What is the best method to make your eyes not red when you smoke weed?

Eye - Drops!

You are married is it okay to smoke weed?

No just because you are married it is not ok to smoke weed. There must be health conditions along with license from the state to smoke weed.

Can you smoke weed while taking flagyl?

Yes, but it is not recommended to smoke weed while taking flagyl.