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Where is the blinker flasher for Oldsmobile Ciera 1994?


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2008-12-09 17:04:11
2008-12-09 17:04:11

In order to locate and replace the cylindrical shape flasher module, the four screws holding the fusebox in must be removed. The glove compartment door hinge is sort of in the way so it is best to remove glove compartment screws, though glove compartment door will still stay on. the cylindrical shape flasher module is located behind fusebox and it has to be searched for by feeling for it. In my case I found it by reaching behind fusebox to the left. I was told to first turn on my four way directional signal so that after I disconnected the cylindrical shape flasher module I knew for sure that I was not disconnecting the four way cylindrical shape module. Now the cylindrical shape flasher module that I removed was yellow in color and the one I bought to replace the cylindrical shape flasher module was silver in color. Getting the fuse box out took a little tilting and angeling to get out This information is 100 percent correct. Thank you. Remove the fuse box and the glove compartment and there it is. Cut the wire tie holding the flasher and replace. Thak you Additional Answer I just fixed mine last night, but I didn't have to mess with the fusebox. It turns out that the flasher was attached by a clip on the right side of the ashtray frame inside the dashboard. I took out the removable "cup" part of the ashtray, then removed the two upper and two lower ashtray frame screws. Next, I pulled the frame forward and disconnected the small ashtray light. The power wire for the cigarette lighter can stay attached. After that, it was easy to get to and replace the flasher unit.


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The low pressure valve to put in 134a on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera V6 is on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is about 12 inches below the alternator.

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Remove it and bring it to an auto parts store that can check it

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Group size 75 with at least 650 CCA fits a 1994 Oldsmobile Ciera SL.

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