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I have a Saab 9-5 and its blower motor is located in the front of the windshield underneath the wipers

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โˆ™ 2008-07-28 20:28:28
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Q: Where is the blower motor located on a 1995 Saab 900?
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Where is a 2004 Saab 9-3 blower motor resistor located?

It is located under the passenger side dash. Right next to the center column

How do you change blower motor on 2004 Saab 93?

get in the car and ask home depot or werever you got it

Replacing a 900 96 Saab blower motor?

If I remember correctly it will be located at the bottom of the windshield under the cowl assembly and you will need to remove the wiper arms and the cowl to remove this............

Where is a 2004 Saab 9 3 blower motor resistor located?

The resistor pack is located behind the glove compartment within the cabin of the Saab. (older Saabs may have had the resistors in the engine compartment behind the false firewall.) Access involves removing the glove compartment, and then the kick panel under below the blower. There are two types of resistor appears to be for Saabs with the ACC, automatic climate control, and that pack is screwed to the bottom of the blower motor. The other resistor pack appears to be for Saabs with manual heat/cooling controls ... ( non-ACC system) and it has a number of "fingers" (cooling fins), and is located somewhat behind the cabin blower motor. Held in with a clip, it comes down after removing the electrical connections (three).

Why is my 1995 Saab 900se turbo popping out of 3rd gear at high rpm?

It might be a worn/broken motor mount.

Where is a 1999 Saab 9-3 blower motor resistor located?

It is located on the fan shroud. Look on the side by the battery, go to the fan shroud and look for a small brass cylander. That's it. It should have two or three wires coming out of it. Two wires go to the fan and the single one goes to the switch. This controls your fan speed(two speeds for Saab). Not aware of any after market sellers so you need to go to SAAB dealer for it.

What could be the problem with your 1996 Saab that just recently started making a whirring noise from the front passenger side right under the hood?

blowing motor going bad blower motor going bad

Will a 1987 Saab 900 motor fit a 1993 Saab 0oo?

yes, same engine.

Where is a 2005 Saab 93 heater blower fan?

Remove the glove box and its behind that

What oil do you use on a 1995 Saab 900se?


Are there Saab dealerships located in Central Iowa?

There indeed 4 different Saab dealerships located somewhat central Iowa. One is name Smart Honda which sell Saab's as well, another is named just Saab.

Can a standard shift 1995 Saab turbo be flat towed?


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