Where is the blower motor located on a 1999 E320 Mercedes?

The Blower motor for the E320 is located on the upper front left side of the engine directly above the water pump.

The blower motor is NOT in the engine compartment! The "blower motor" above the water pump is the EGR/Smog pump, part of the emissions system. The actual blower motor for the HVAC system is under the dash, above your feet on the passenger side of the car, just remove the panel and look up. The filters are located behind the glove box (which has to be removed to access the filters). They clog and don't allow the air to blow and eventually will burn out the regulator on the blower motor itself. There are also 2 separate charcoal filters next to the blower motor under the dash that filter smog from the cabin, these are not as crucial to replace, but should be done at some point. (total of 4 filters 96-02 Eclass).