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The module is located in the ducting for the heater and is accessed from the passenger area of the front seat. I think it is just under the dash but you may have to remove the glove box. it is a rectangular item held in with four screws. and should have two connectors going to it. You have to be sure to get the right replacement however I have used one from a Buick and since the plugs were the same I made it work by modifying the mounting.

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Q: Where is the blower motor relay or the blower control module which ever it has on a 94 fleetwood No fire going to the blower motor?
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Where is the blower motor relay or blower control module on a 98 deville theres power going to the blower and the blower was tested it works fine but it wont come on in the vehicle?

Should under dash on firwall near blower motor.

How do you locate the blower relay on a 88 Cadillac Brougham?

Look under the hood,passenger side at the firewall, you will see the blower motor,directly to the right going towards the drivers side ,you will see the blower control module, then the little small relay will be the next part over.

Where is wiper control module 1983 Cougar?

A 1983 isn't going to have a control module - it's all in the resistors in the stalk switch.

In your Olds Aurora What is wrong if no matter where the temp control is set except the off position results in maximum heat?

Most likely your blower control module is going bad. It's located under the glove compartment pass side toward the firewall.

Ignition control Module for a 1996 Ford escort where is it location on the car?

It's called the EEC (Electronic Engine Control Module) or the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) It is located under the instrument panel on the floor tunnel ahead of the floor console. It has a ton of wires going into it.

Where is the ignition control module located on a 92 b250 with a 318 motor?

The ECM (engine control module ) is located on the center of the firewall just above the motor. It's the thing that has a lot of wires going to it.

1997 dodge ram 1500 starts when cold won't start when hot?

You could have an ingnition control module going bad. Is it dying going down the road? If so, it more than like is the control module. If not, you could have a starter going bad, when it gets hot it won't work anymore. Good Luck!!

Your 1991 Cadillac eldorado dies going down the road but will restart after stopping only to stall alittle while later could this be an ignition module problem?

Sounds like your electronic control module is going bad

What controls the on-off operation of AC blower on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

there is a control module behind the glove box next to the blower motor. It is square in size and has 2 connectors going into it. Disconnect them and unbolt it from the bracket holding it and clean the connectors with some alcohol and q tips and plug it back up and it should work. That's what i did and now it works every time.

My heater and AC will not run The blower does not seem to be working What are some possible fixes?

check the hvac fuse first if that is ok check the thermistatic control switch make sure you have power going to the blower motor if there is power the blower motor is bad

Where is the Electronic Control Module located in a 1987 El Camino?

Inside the distriburetor, it's the thing with all the wires going to it.

Why does the climate control go on and off on BMW 328I?

ALL u have to do is change ur blower limit switch is going bad.

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