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Underneath the dash on the passenger side, you will see a metal plate with a wire clip and 4 wires leading out... (it's shape is sort of a cross between elliptical and diamond) remove the wire clip and you see 4 metal tabs. Remove the 2 bolts and the resistor is attached to the other side of the plate. You must first remove the glove compartment to see the resistor, then

loosen 1 bolt facing rear of glove box and remove 2 vertical bolts in cover

to the left of kick panel where fuse box is located. This will give enough room to reach the resistor if hands aren't too big. When resistor has been removed it may have debris packed around it, which caused it to burn out, if so duct work may have to be cleaned out of leaves or mouse nest.

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Q: Where is the blower motor resistor on a '99 Jeep Cherokee?
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Where is the location of the blower motor resistor on a 95 jeep Cherokee sport?

Blower motor resistors are generally found nearby the blower motor.

Where do you find your blower motor resistor pack 96 Jeep Cherokee?

how do you test a blowwer motor resaistor pack on 96 jeep cherokee

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee?

The resistor is to the left of the blower, it is very hard to get to. You'll have to almost stand on your head to change it.

Where is the blower motor resistor module on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

it is under the clove box behind the blower motor you will see it if you look its a black box

94 jeep Cherokee heater motor only worked on high and now does not work at all?

Probably the blower motor resistor, check blower motor at the same time

Where is 2001 jeep wrangler blower motor resistor located?

Where is the resistor on 2001 jeep wrangler

Where is the blower motor resistor located in a 95 jeep Cherokee?

The blower motor resistor is under the glove box. There's a plastic cover over it. You remove the cover and you'll see a connector that is plugged into the resistor. You can see pictures at

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee no air blowing?

Bad Blower motor fuse Bad blower motor resistor Bad blower motor Bad switch Evaporator plugged- not allowing air flow

How do I fix blower jeep 89 Cherokee I checked the fuses and they seem fine?

Check to see if you are gettin power tothe blower motor - if so motor is bad If not, perhaps resistor or switch is bad Or open wire to motor or resistor

How do you stop the blower motor in a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee from running when the car is turned off?

Replace the blower motor resistor block. It is located under the dash on the passenger side.

Where is the blower resister located on a 1993 Cherokee jeep?

I assume it's very similar to a '95 jeep cherokee. It's under the glove box. To see some pictures and instructions for replacing the blower motor resistor, go to

What could cause the heater blower to work intermittently in a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

Loose wire on blower motor? Broken bower motor resistor? Bad blower motor? Loose fuse in fuse holder? Bad fan switch?

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