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Note to all: If you have Automatic Temp Control (electronic temp setting), there is no resistor: just the blower control module (which you'll see just to lower right of blower fan, 2 screws hold it in, pop off the fan and you'll see it). The stores will sell you a resistor or condensor, or even a switch, but it has none of the above!!!!

(I spent a week looking everywhere for what the stores were saying was there somewhere behind fan!)

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โˆ™ 2007-08-11 18:50:59
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Q: Where is the blower motor resistor on a 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0 the wires from the blower motor go into the harness not to the resistor as normal?
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Dodge Stratus air conditioner blows only on high?

The blower might need replacing. Normal cause is a failed blower resistor, caused by a blower fan that is failing.The resistor and fan are located above the passenger side floor behind the glove box.

Why does my blower fan run at all speeds except max Like the opposite of the normal resistor failure?

wiring fault. at max speed the resistor is bypassed

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?

The fan will always have power under normal conditions when on. The speeds are controlled by the resistor based on the fanf switch position. The resistor is located on the black plastic fan cover under the dash and behind the glove box. The cable harness goes right into it. Follow it. Remove the screws and the resistor side of the assembly is facing the air duct side of the fan compartment. Be sure to have the a/c off when working or you may damage something or burn yourself with the resistor.

You changed the blower resistor on your 2003 dodge durango and the new part looks nothing like the old one Is this normal?

It is common for blower resistors to supersede to new style parts.

How do you repair Jeep Grand Cherokee melted heater blower resistor?

This was a very common problem with the original modules in this vehicle. Luckily, there is an updated module that now also comes with a new wiring harness that addresses the heat range and tolerance. You can typically find the resistor module online for 80 or 90 dollars (make sure it's the updated version or you may just run into the same problem again down the road, and as well, pick up a new updated wiring harness. From there if you're handy it's a snap. The resistor is held on by two screw. Undo the screws to free the old one, and then undo the wiring harness on the one side (red/black wires)...and snip off the other side's wires. Take your new harness and solder the new wires on, then attach the actual module's wiring harness, screw the two screws back in and you should be back to normal.

How do you bias a 2N5777 photo transistor?

connect the base of the transistor to a variable resistor and to a normal resistor

How do you bias a 2N5777 photo-transistor?

connect the base of the transistor to a variable resistor and to a normal resistor

What is the difference between a normal resistor and a bleeder resistor?

A resistor is a resistor. Plain and simple. By Ohm's Law, resistance in ohms is voltage in volts divided by current in amperes. The difference lies in application, not in the resistor itself. A normal resistor will introduce a voltage drop or current that makes some effect in the circuit, based on some design criteria. A bleeder resistor, on the other hand does not really affect the circuit - it is only there to "bleed off", or discharge, capacitors when the power is turned off. Consequently, a bleeder resistor will typically have a higher resistance than a normal resistor but, again, the issue is circuit design, not the resistor itself.

No low speeds on blower motor for 1999?

If the blower works on high speed, but not on any of the lower speeds, that usually means that the blower motor speed controller is bad. There is a resistor in there which can overheat and burn out. If the blower motor has a bad bearing (makes noise or doesn't turn as fast as it should) that would cause the system to draw more current than normal, and burn out the resistor. If that is the case, you can replace the speed controller, and that would probably fix the problem, but likely it would return in a relativly short time. Without vehicle info, a step by step instruction would be rough... But that is a place to start in you search. Hope this helps.

What would cause the air conditioner and or the heater to work on the high setting in a 2003 Ford Taurus but not on normal or low settings?

Defective blower motor. Although I do not know if this is the problem, I have seen this on other vehicles. Check into the blower motor resistor. has them with great pictures so you know exactly what you are looking for. They are generally located close to the blower under the dash. Very easy fix just a couple of screws. Cheaper and easier than replacing the blower motor.

What causes the ballast resistor on 1972 Plymouth to get hot?

the ballast resistor is designed to turn unwanted current into heat high temperatures are normal.

Why would my 2008 Toyota Tacoma ac blower quit working then started again but very weak?

My wife's 2008 Tacoma blower motor stopped working at around $70,000 miles. If you kick the motor housing and it turns on/operates at normal speed, you will have to replace the blower motor. I got one from auto zone for about $100.00, that was 6 months ago. I have a new problem now. Mine is working on all of the settings, but is very weak. I am looking at the blower motor resistor, and trying to find out how to test it.

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