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Where is the blower motor resistor on a Ford Windstar?


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2009-12-25 03:17:12
2009-12-25 03:17:12
What the blower resistor does

The resistor provide the blower fan with multiple speeds.

A blown / failed resistor will result in the heater fan blowing on HIGH speed only.

The Ford Windstar blower has a resistor block that controls the various speeds of the blower motor. It is located on the passenger compartment side of the blower housing and can be replaced in five minutes.

AnswerIf it is in the same spot as the 98 windstar, then it is located under the dash of the passenger side. It is actually really easy to change. Two screws and the plug and it is removed. AnswerThe blower motor resistor pack has failed. Replace it.

On my 2000 windstar rear fan although it has a multi speed selector is only wired up in the harness for single speed, the front fan does have multi speed.

AnswerOn the evaporator case. AnswerOn a 98 Windstar it is underneath the front blower motor and has 4 wires on a plug. The glove box doesn't need to be removed or opened. It's held in by 2 8mm screws.

You may very well have a blown fuse, check all the fuses for the air conditioning system, there is a box located on the driver side of the vehicle in the drivers foot well, a diagram with all the fuses and their amperage will be on the cover, remove the cover and locate the blower fuses for the A/c. If the fuses are not blown, then it may very well be that the blower motor is damaged or the control is not working properly. It is recommended that you take it to professional service shop if this is the case due to the many probabilities of a vaccum leak or a electrical problem that is best solved by the professionals.

Its on the passengers side under the dash and its held in place by two screws which will located on the a/c evaporator housing...................


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