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Where is the bottom of the pregnant belly?


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The bottom of pregnant belly is the pubic symphysis.

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if the bottom center of the belly begins to do this and the teats begin to swell

I started showing when I was 4 month pregnant but if your belly is flat you will notice your belly getting bigger at the bottom like a little beer belly lol

The bottom does because the uterus grows upward. Around 20 weeks you should feel a harder belly at belly button height.

You can be pregnant if you have lump in your belly.

There is no such thing as a pregnant belly. Bellies cannot get pregnant and pregnancy involves the womb and not the belly.

Did you mean belly BUTTON, not belly BOTTOM? Because "belly bottom" isn't a thing.

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.

We used to have some Mollies, and one of them was actually pregnant. She had a puffed out belly on the bottom, different from the others, and because of that her head was more up.

A new one on me, ask your doctor at your next appointment.

Could a person be pregnant if they have a inner belly button

I felt the pregnant lady's belly.

Your belly button is in your middle on the bottom side.

when a woman pregnant and her belly button pops out does that mean she in labor yes or no

It is possible because in the Tyra Showw there is a episode where they talk about unexpected pregnancy and she has a flat belly and get pregnant

No, its not. If you like your big pregnant belly so much, then just get pregnant again. Your so silly. Nooo!! I don't want to get pregnant again, I just want the belly!!

Wtf? What kind of question is this? YESS! Do you even know how to get pregnant? Why would you think that something to do with your belly button will stop you from getting pregnant?

Your tummy will have lumps in places if your pregnant it will be same all the way round if your fat

You can either take out your jewelry, or you can purchase special belly button jewelry for pregnant women, which are simply referred to as pregnancy belly button rings.

I have the same thing. There is no problem. It just means you have either a muscle twitch or a strong heart beat.

bloated belly limping ussally rubing her belly

YOu will not feel anything in your belly until you are about 4 months pregnant.

my belly feels itchy i have a tingling feeling in my stomach does this mean i am pregnant?

i am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. is that normal??

No but you should remove your belly piercing while pregnant . but they do make special jewelry for that . and piercers will not pierce you if you are pregnant

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