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Where is the brake line adaptor in a Oldsmobile Tornado?

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How much to repair brake line on 1985 Oldsmobile?

do not repair it repace it for safety sake do not shortcut any brake proublems.

How do you reset 91 olds ninety eight computer?

brake vacuum line location on the 1991 oldsmobile regency 98

Where is the brake booster line located on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero?

Drivers side, mounted on the firewall, behind the master cylinder. Coming from that booster is a large vacuum line.

How do you change the bkare lines on a 98 Oldsmobile aurora?

find the master cylinder and the brake line take the brake line off let all the fluid drain out then take the old one all the way off and put thenew back on

Looking for 40 steel brake lines for Oldsmobile 1997 88-Royale Sedan?

I guess I need more info to this one for my own edification.. Do you want forty each of steel brake lines? Or something called "40 steel" brake line?

How do you fix a broken brake line in a 1999 GMC Sierra?

Replace the brake line, bleed the brake. top up with brake fluid. Done.

How can you fix a brake fluid leak when it's a leak in the brake line?

depends where the leak is. In the brake line or at the pump? electric or mech brakes? if its in the line you should be able to replace the line section

Chevy Venture brake line leaking?

When a brake line is leaking on the Chevy Venture the brake line should be replaced as soon as possible. A leak, however small, can cause hydraulic fluid to escape the brake line which will cause a loss in brake pressure. The brakes should be bled of air after the new line is put in to remove gaps in brake pedal pressure.

Why is my Offside rear brake recording little or no effort?

Air in the brake lines. Severly worn break pads. Worn brake boost piston. Cracked brake line on that brake. Loose brake line.

How many feet of brake pipe do you need to replace the brake line.?

measure affected line

Clogged brake line repair?

To fix a clogged brake line, first find the clog. Then, remove the clogged line from the cylinder. Attach a new line, and pump the car's brake to test it before driving.

What are the Brake line schematics for a 1999 intrepid?

The 1999 Dodge intrepid brake lines schematics diagram shows the routing of each brake line. The diagram will show the brake line routing from the master cylinder to each wheel.

Can you use jb weld on a metal brake line?

replace brake line the damage to the line or if the jb weld gets into the line it will affect how the system works.

Can you cut off rear brake line?

You can cutoff the rear brake line. You will no longer have rear brakes and the fluid will leak out. It is not recommended that can't off the rear brake line, without replacing it.

What amount of money is the cost of brake line repair?

The cost of brake line repair is anywhere from 50.00 dollars and up. To repair the brake line it depends on who is fixing the car and what type of car you have.

99 cavalier z24 gas line and brake line size?

I'm pretty sure the brake line is 3/16" and the fuel line is 1/4". I'm doing a complete brake line replacement on my 01 Z24 right now.

How do you replace a section of brake line which is leaking?

It is important to replace a brake line at the first sign of leaking. A brake line is a fairly simple repair, first you must remove the old line using two wrenches on the hex bolts. Then you screw the new brake line in place using the wrenches and replace fluid.

How do you change a brake line on a 98 ford escort?

Disconnect brake line at the nearest junction Disconnect brake line at the affected wheel cylinder Route new brake line same way old one was Connect both ends Bleed the wheel cylinder on that line MAKE SURE MASTER CYLINDER DOES NOT RUN EMPTY

Where can I get my brake line is leaking brake fluid?

Yes, you can get your brake line repaired at Midas, Car X, Firestone, Goodyear which is really good with fixing brake lines and you can also take your car into the dealership.

Can a land line phone bought in the UK with a UK plug on it be used in Romania or would it need an adaptor?

The flick is identical, double PSTN connection. But the power adaptor must be dual ( 2 sticks)

What size brake line is on a 1994 ford ranger?

What size is the steel brake line tubing on a 1994 Ford Ranger

Is there a output line and input line on the brake lines of a dodge caravan?

Only one line per wheel - feeds into the brake caliper or wheel cylinder

How Much should it cost to repair a leak in the gas line on a 93 Oldsmobile?

you will have to replace the line

How do you find a hole in a brake line when no fluid is coming out. it does not have a slave cylinder and the master cylinder was just replaced.?

If there is no fluid coming from the brake line, there are two possibilities: 1. there is no damage in the brake line, merely air in the brake line. 2. The brake fluid may already be completely depleted. To find out, get some water with a bunch of dish soap in it, but try not to make a lot of suds. Pour the water over the whole brake line and watch the line while someone pumps the brake pedal. If bubbles form, then there's the hole. No bubbles? Air in the line or perhaps damage in the master or slave cylinder.

Is there a vacuum line going to the transmission on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue?