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Replacing these bulbs is a headache. I highly recommend having this work done at a qualified shop. At the very least purchase a Haynes or equivalent repair manual for your vehicle. Its worth the twenty bucks or so. This involves removing the instrument cluster to access the bulbs installed in the rear of the assembly. The hood and brake release handles must be removed along with the plastic trim panel below the steering wheel and in some cases the stamped steel reinforcing panel behind that. Remove the radio and its trim panel (I got lucky and the radio came out with the trim far enough that I did not need to disconnect any wiring). Remove the plastic trim around the instruments. Do not remove the screws securing the clear lens to the cluster! Look for several screws around the cluster securing it to the dash structure. Be especially careful when working the cluster out of the dash! It will only come out so far due to the wire harness connections in the back of the cluster. You may be able to reach the burned out bulb assy. without disconnecting the harness. The bulbs are housed in small 1/4 turn type plastic fixtures 'plugged' into the back of the cluster. BE CAREFUL HERE!!! The printed circuit is made of a thin plastic sheet that is secured by connections to the guages, bulbs and the wiring harness! These connections and/or circuit can be easily damaged! I can only imagine how much this would cost to replace. It is best to replace all of the bulbs at this time since you have already gotten this far and are probably swearing to never work on a vehicle again. Re-assembly is basically reverse of removal. Good Luck!

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Q: Where is the bulb location for the dash lights on a 1998 Ford Explore Sport?
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