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2005 ford freestyle has no cabin air filter.

Try this link for a Cabin Air Filter mod for Ford Freestyle or 500.

Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter for your Ford. It comes with complete instructions.

The 2005 Ford Taurus Owner Guide does not show anything about it having a cabin air filter , so I would say NO

The 2005 Ford Explorer is not equipped with a cabin air filter. Both engines between the 4.0 and 4.6L do not list part numbers for cabin air filters.

Read your owner's manual or purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter. It comes with instructions.

To access the cabin air filter on the 2007 Ford Freestyle you must first remove the glove box. Simply open the glove box, pinch in the two rubber stoppers on the lateral edges to get them past the jams. The box rolls forward and out of the way. Look to the left in the opening. You should see a housing in the black duct work if the vehicle was equipped with a cabin air filter.

There is no in cabin air filter.

The 2000 Ford E250 didn't come with a cabin filter.

Ford Explorer 2004 does not have Cabin Air Filter or A/C filter.

there is no cabin filter in that vehicle

No , there is no cabin air filter in a 1992 Ford Mustang ( from the factory )

No , there isn't a cabin air filter on a 1996 Ford Explorer ( from the factory )

For a 2005 Ford Freestyle : ( 19 U.S. gallons / 71.9 liters )

It does not have one; however, I just found this posting which explains how to add a Cabin Filter. I will be trying it this weekend.

( 5W-20 ) for the Ford Freestyle ( 2005 , 2006 , 2007 )

The Owner Guide doesn't show a cabin filter for the 1998 Ford Expedition

19.0 gallons ( according to the 2005 Ford Freestyle Owner Guide )

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