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The cam position sensor is located on the rear of the engine, under the "doghouse" cover. The black box under the center of the dash must be moved out of the way to remove the cover. The cam position sensor is slightly to the right of center and is held in by a 10mm screw. It looks like a small distributor. There is a cap held on by two Phillips screws and a wire harness plugged into the cap. Remove the cap first and mark the position of the rotor inside, relative to the body, and mark the flange on the base and the engine surface. (Use a Sharpie type marker.) Remove the sensor and make a second mark when the rotor inside moves as the sensor is removed. On the new sensor, make marks as close as possible to the marks on the old sensor to aid in aligning the sensor, when installing it. put the rotors mark on the second of the two marks on the inside of the sensor, install the sensor, and align the mark on the base flange and engine surface. The mark on the rotor inside should line up with the first mark made. Install the holddown screw and washer, do not over tighten! Install the wire haarness, and test drive to check the setting of the sensor. (Be sure to install a new cap if there is any damage to the original cap.) The sensor can be turned, slightly, like a distributor, for best performance. Or, if you have a repair shop nearby, with a dynomometer, you can have the mechanic adjust it for the best engine power.

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Q: Where is the cam sensor on a 1997 Ford Aerostar V6 and how do you replace it?
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