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This sensor is actually located inside of the distributer cap under the rotor button. To change this part remove the distubuter cap and rotor button only 2 star screws holding each part. Once you remove the rotor button you will notice the cam sensor. This part is also held by 2 not 4 star screws but does not come directly out once the screws are removed. You will notice a notch on top of the distributer. This notch need to be aligned with the cam sensor. Align the notch by turning the ignition slightly until the small notch is aligned with the sensor, then you can remove the 2 screws and the sensor. Takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. I found it extremly helpful to have the manual, this book will tell you where everything is and how tho fix it and it is not hard to follow. Good Luck NEW ANSWER: THE CAM SENSOR is in the timing cover. On the left side when standing in front of engine.

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Q: Where is the cam sensor on a 1998 4 wheel drive Chevrolet Z71 pickup truck?
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