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Where is the camshaft positioning sensor located on the 99 Ford Contour 4 cylinder 2.0?

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2010-11-04 14:54:15
2010-11-04 14:54:15

hey Zim==I think it is in the dist on this engine. GoodluckJoe

If your standing in front of the car its on the front of the moter where the trany and moter meet behind the exaust its a pain really tight space, best to go from under the car i have a lift and i still had a tough time.

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on 3.0 and 4.0 its located behind the intake manifold on the top of the cylinder block

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The camshaft is in the cylinder head.

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camshaft positioning sencer is located on the front side of the right head as your facing the front of your car it is very easy to get to one bolt holds it on its rite below the valve cover

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