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Where is the carb on a craftsman push mower?


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To get to the carburetor on a craftsman Push mower you will need to take off the cover to the engine you may have to remove the gas tank, you need to empty the tank before removing it you will also need to disconnect the gas line while removing the tank. after the gas is drained the tank is removed and the cover is off look for the bubble that you push to prime the engine that is connected to your carburetor the gas line that you removed from your gas tank is also connected to it. To remove your carburetor you need to remove the air filter and the bolts connecting the engine to your carburetor. From their you can clean it replace it or any thing else to repair your Craftsman push mower.

Hope that I helped although I am 16 I have dun plenty of mechanic work


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its between the fuel tank, and carb. its round and about an inch long

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If its a push lawn mower. It has no oil release. The mower burns the oil. All you do is replace the oil when it gets low.

I use a rag and tie the two handles together.

depends on the engine Briggs or tech, does it have a primer bulb. but safe bet right next to the carb.

Spray some ether in the carb. If it fires, it has spark, but not getting fuel. start there.

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Depends entirely on which craftsman lawn mower you're referring to.

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Go to, and type in model # 143.033700 That is the engine specified for that mower. You can then choose between engine, carb, starter, etc. diagrams and parts lists.

You can search the internet for owner manuals craftsman mower and several different sites will show up.

Most likely it is due to water or dirt in the carburetor. The carb will need to be disassembled and cleaned.

It is the little round red or white thing connected between the gas tank and the carb gas hose.

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Brigg's and stratton 5.5 hp on the craftsman push mower your gap tool set the gap at .025-030 for briggs 5 hp

dirty carb bowl or water in the carb

Most blade bolts on lawn mowers are reverse threaded. The bolts on the Craftsman brand lawn mower are also reversed.

The Craftsman 6.0 Mower takes an oil that is at least 30 wt. A blended oil that is 10-30 is okay to use also.

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