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No one likes a cheater ):

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Press the bonus menu button n00b!

there is no in game cheat menu for mx vs ATV untamed psp!!!yougottit

use the cheat primus at the pause menu, at cheat codes

go to google and type cheat codes for raw vs. smackdown 2008 on psp

when your playing the game press start and go to menus and then find cheat codes and type it in

some of these cheats dont work but they might. They didnt work for me. Maximum Nitro:Enter fillmeup as a code. No damage:Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu. Faster pedestrians:Enter urbansprawl at the cheat menu. Increase car mass in arcade mode:Enter hyperagro at the cheat menu. Argo special move:Enter dfens at the cheat menu. Zone special move:Enter allin at the cheat menu. Roar special move:Enter Rjnr at the cheat menu. Chrome head:Enter haveyouseenthisboy at the cheat menu. Flaming head:Enter trythisathome at the cheat menu. Yellow smile head:Enter getheadj at the cheat menu. Pumpkin head:Enter getheadk at the cheat menu. Bunny head:Enter getheadl at the cheat menu. Snowman head:Enter getheadm at the cheat menu. Unlock all cities in arcade mode:Enter crosscountry at the cheat menu. Unlock Atlanta & Detroit:Enter roadtrip at the cheat menu.

wht is the cheat for the helicopter on psp

Well i think under options then specials because there are cheats for the PSP version.

cheat for helicopter in gta liberty city on psp

enter heatblast,wildvine,wildvine,cannonbolt as a code at the cheat menu in the extra menu to unlock way big

Yes, there is a Web Browser for the Sony PSP. It is located under the 'Internet' Menu of the XMB (PSP Menu).

u dont need one just press the buttons that it says to press

there is no cheat for a psp

you can't because you can not chat in the psp

what is the flying cheat code for vice city on psp

press t and press x triangle box and circle ooohhh simplicity if you want to cheat easily on nfs just download x-fire or cheat engine 5.3 or something version

Go to games on psp menu , click on UMD

gta Chinatown wars for psp does not have a money cheat.

As far as I know, the only Sims 2 PSP cheat is the Perk Cheat:Perk CheatIn the Buy Perks screen in the info menu hold L + R + Square simultaneously. A cheat perk will appear showing a Woo-Hoo icon, which is free. If you buy it you will get a money boost, add some skills, clean your urgencies and completely fill your Sanity level.

how do you cheat superman on gta vicecity for psp free

there is'nt a cheat for this answer

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