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I am afraid you are over simplifying the system. It's much more complicated than that. There is no single wire you can check to see if it's loose to find out why your check engine light is on. There are literally hundreds of different possibilities as to why a check engine light comes on. The computer's diagnostic connector that you may be thnking about, isn't even under the hood. It's under the driver's side dash panel, probably right under the steering column. It is a rectangular shaped connector with aproximately 10 pins. The main computer is in the dash. The wiring that connects to a vehicle's computer is massive. Literally hundreds of feet of wires. Possibly as many as a hundred or more inputs and outputs, including sensors, actuators, solenoids, power and ground inputs, fuel injector driver circuits, transmission control inputs and outputs, and more. If you raise the hood and see all those wires running everywhere all over the top of the engine, in and out of the firewall, down under the vehicle to the transmission, up and down the fender skirts, those are all wires connected to the main computer. So there is not one single wire, or group of wires, a person can point you to, to see if it's loose. The light itself is turned on and off by the computer. So if the light is on, the computer is turning it on for a reason. If a wire directly to the light is what you think might be loose, then likely the symptom would be that the light doesn't come on at all, so I seriously doubt that is the problem. That circuit would run directly from the computer to the light, and be entirely in the dash, and wouldn't be under the hood at all. There may, in fact, be a loose wire, or connector somewhere in the system. That may be what the computer sees wrong. But you will never find it without talking to the computer with a scan tool, and ask it what area of the system it sees a problem with. Just a side point. Notice I did not say "ask the computer what's wrong." That's because no vehicle computer or diagnostic computer can actually tell you what is wrong. That is a BIG misconception. The computer can only tell you what general area the problem may be in, or what the symptom is. The technician has to figure out what could be causing that symptom, and trace out the problem. Sometimes the problem is a loose wire, loose connector, failed sensor, failed actuator, and sometimes the problem may even be something not in the actual computer system, but a problem with the engine or transmission that causes the computer to not be able to properly do what it is trying to do. For example: If the computer is trying to adjust air/fuel mixture to get the oxygen sensors read corectly, but the piston rings are too badly worn, and your burning oil, and confusing the oxygen sensors, then the computer will turn on the light, and set an oxygen sensor code. But the oxygen sensors aren't actually the problem. The rings are. So a good technician needs to figure that out.

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Q: Where is the check engine wiring under the hood of an eighty nine Chevy Suburban because your check engine light came on and the wiring might just be loose?
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