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Where is the clutch bleeder valve for 99 Dodge Dakota?

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there isn't one. Dodge made the slave cylinder, master cylinder, and the res. one unit. the did this so you would have to go to the dealership to replace all and it comes bleed and filled with fluid. but messing with mine i just found out a trick. take all three units out and fill the res half way. you need 2 people. tip the res. up side down then have someone push the piston down on the slave then the master and tilt the res up. then release the master first then the slave. repeat the process in that order and you just beat the dodge dealer

2011-09-13 10:37:13
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Where is the bleeder valve on 2003 Ford Escape?

Brake bleeder? Clutch bleeder? Coolant bleeder?

Is there a bleeder valve on the clutch system if you run low on fluid and get air in the line?

Most hydraulic clutch systems do have a bleeder valve.

Where is the bleeder valve on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

where is the bleeder valve for 2003 Saturn ion clutch

Where is bleeder valve on 96 dodge 2500 ram truck hydraulic clutch?

There is none, the factory set ups come already bled and ready to install, if you want you can get an aftermarket set up that has a bleeder valve

Where is the release valve for the clutch fluid?

if youre referring to the bleeder valve, its on the clutch slave cylinder bolted to the transmission

How do you bleed the clutch on a manual 1997 Dodge Dakota?

you are wrong, you don't have a bleeder valve The system was designed to be factory filled and bled. No bleed screw. You can bleed the system but it requires dismantling the slave and master cylinders and is not recommended

Where is egr valve located on dodge Dakota 1997?

A 1997 Dodge Dakota does not have an EGR Valve.

How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch line on a 1999 dodge 1500 pick up?

There is a bleeder valve on the slave cylinder of a 1999 1500 pick up. Have a helper press the clutch down slowly while you open the bleeder valve. let the air escape, then close the valve. Have the helper pump the pedal again and repeat until all of the air is gone.

Where is the clutch bleeder valve on 84 Honda Goldwing?

Look at the back of the engine where the slave is for the clutch. The bleeder is right there. Just follow the hyd. line on the right side.

Does a 2001 dodge ram van have a radiator bleeder valve?

No it does not.

Where is the bleeder valve for the clutch system on a 2003 Saturn Ion?

The bleeder valve in right on the slave cylinder, no idea how to open it though, it's all plastics and no screws

Where is the clutch bleeder valve on 87 Nissan d21 z24?

on the bottom of the clutch arm going into the tranny it looks like a little nipple like a brake bleeder screw

Where is the bleeder for a hydraulic clutch on a 1998 escort?

The bleeder is located at the clutch arm on the bell housing. There is a fluid line going from the master cylinder to the clutch bleeder. This metal line has flexible hoses at either end. Follow this line down to the front of the engine just about in the middle and you'll find the bleeder valve.

Does a 1995 dodge ram truck have bleeder valve in the cooling system?

No, it does not.


Where is the pcv valve on 2007 dodge dakota 4.7 mag. Eng.and the egr valve also?

Where is the egr valve located on a 1997 Dodge Dakota 5.2?

there in no egr valve on a 1997 dodge Dakota 5.2 318 Auto Zone is wrong

Where is the radiator bleeder valve on a 1998 dodge ram 1500?

It doesn't have one.

Where is the bleeder valve for the hydraulic clutch on a 1996 ford escort?

The bleeder valve is on the front of the clutch housing. There is a metal line that goes from the firewall master cylinder to the slave cylinder. The metal line goes across the transmission. Follow it and you will find a bleeder screw with a rubber cover on it. Take the cover off to bleed the system.

Where is the blow off valve in a 98 dodge Dakota?

No such part on a Dakota.No such part on a Dakota.

How do you bleed the clutch on a 1998 Mercury Cougar RHD?

Fill resevoir open bleeder valve at slave cylinder Gravity will cause fluid to run out Depress clutch pedal and hold Tighten bleeder screw

How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch on a 91 cavalier?

The hydraulic clutch on a 91 Chevy Cavalier is bled by slowly pumping the clutch and releasing the bleeder valve. The valve is closed and the process repeated until all air is removed.

How do you bleed the clutch on an 86 f150?

Not positive on yours but usually it's like this. Make sure the clutch master cylinder reservoir is full. Then have someone push and hold the clutch pedal to the floor. Open the bleeder valve on the clutch slave cylinder, letting the fluid squirt out, close the bleeder valve. Repeat process. You do this until the clutch fluid comes out clear with no bubbles. Usually 2 or 3 pumps will do it. Then make sure the bleeder valve is closed tight, top off the clutch master cylinder fluid resovoir and you're done. Hope this helps.

How to bleed 97 clutch Nissan pickup?

open bleeder valve on slave cylinder,gravity is going down hill,so get aclear hose and put on bleeder valve and openand pump clutch pedal until air is gone,dont let fluid get to low.

Can you replace bleeder valve on hydraulic clutch?

Answer is yes. A bleeder valve is simply a tiny bolt with fluid passages built-in, and if you unscrew it far enough it will come right out. Usually this bleeder valve is located on the slave cylinder, on the transmission itself. Depending on the type of vehicle though, the valve length, thread, and head size are different.

How do you bleed the clutch slave cylinder on a 1988 F250?

two people open bleeder valve "down" close "up" and most important extemely slow on peddle , bleeder is on the bell housing in front of clutch fork